Sweet Bohemian Dreams x 20

While working on my own boho bedroom, I collected TONS of photos of bedrooms I know would conjure sweet dreams for me. Though none look exactly like the one I ended up with, see if a few of these don’t have you winkin’, blinkin’ and nodding off (in a good way), BoHo Home style.

And don’t forget to click on the links for designer portfolios and full home tours where available.

1. Sara Bengur

Peter Murdock

The bodacious use of yellow and red in Bengur’s own 600-square-foot New York studio, makes me smile. I also love the mix of textiles and the assymetry of the picture gallery over the bed.

2. Krsnna Mehta

Bjorn Wallender/House Beautiful

Though at the opposite end of the color spectrum, the purple on a feature wall is a bold backdrop for the mix of textiles, but the white on adjacent walls paired with a beautiful view, lets it all breathe. There’s an interesting oddness about the room, too: two lamps on one nightstand, a large picture covering part of a window, and an eclectic mix of vintage furniture. Hard to believe textile designer Mehta packed all this beauty into an 1,100-square-foot apartment in Mumbai.

3. Peter Dunham

Anne Schlechter/House Beautiful

The blues have it in this Dunham-designed Hamptons home. The coverlet reminds me of jeans and pulls together the patterned rug and draperies.

4. Gil Schafer

Eric Piasecki/House Beautiful

Softer blues predominate in this Schafer-designed master bedroom, part of a Maine barn home complex. The patterned antique coverlet and crisp linens are what catch my eye, set into a nest of sky blue.

5. Peti Lau

Brittany Ambridge/House Beautiful

More indigo inspiration is afoot in this West Hollywood home Lau designed for DJ Drew Taggart. I love the gallery of skulls over the bed but hope they are securely attached. Can’t think of any quicker way to ruin a good night’s sleep than being impaled by one of those horns.

6. Shauna Glenn

Lisa Romerein/HGTV Magazine

Coco brown always seems so restful to me and appeals to the midcentury modern boho mama in me. I love the pop of the large floral print pillows as well as the punch of the two bright turquoise lamps flanking the bed. This is the master bedroom in Glenn’s own Fort Worth, TX, home.

7. Janie Molster

Bjorn Wallender/House Beautiful

Molster’s own Richmond, VA, home is the lucky dwelling place of these gorgeous textiles and dramatic mix of pinks, orange and reds.

8. Nick Olsen

One lucky New York office-building-to-dwelling conversion is home to both of these Olsen-designed bedrooms. Again, I love the mix of raspberry pinks/reds with orange and blue. That’s a daughter’s bedroom on the left and a master bedroom on the right.

9. Charlotte Barnes

Jane Beiles/House Beautiful

I’m amazed how the floral quilt works so well with the wallpapers in both the bedroom and adacent hallway of this Barnes-designed Palmetto Bluff, SC, low-country retreat. It’s that blue lamp that ties the bedroom in with the hallway wallpaper, isn’t it? Otherwise it wouldn’t work nearly so well.

10. Cathyrn Collins

Stephen Kent Johnson

Textile designer Cathryn Collins says this is the room all her guests ask to stay in when visiting her Hudson Valley home. I understand why. I love the cheery purples, pinks and blues mixed with greens. The antique kantha quilt woven into a canopy promises extra sweet boho dreams, don’t you think?

11. Sheila Bridges

Michael Fuguet/Elle Decor

I also wouldn’t turn down a night undercover in this guest bedroom Bridges designed for a Hudson Valley home. I love the abstract upholstery quality of the coverlet, especially paired with the geometric headboard covering that picks out the mint green. The ditsy mint green print of the wallpaper makes it all seem cozy and comfy.

12. Heidi Caillier

Trevor Tondro/House Beautiful

This is one of a number of bedrooms in a vacation home Caillier jointly owns. Its secluded location on Anderson Island, off the coast of Tacoma, WA, certainly lends itself to a relaxed, lodge vibe, but I dig the quirky boho twist of a purple plaid headboard and paint-by-numbers art overhead.

13. Liz Strong

David Tsay/BH&G

Stylist Strong’s bedroom in her 1904 Craftsman Home in Los Angeles, CA, had me at bamboo roll-up blinds! I love how the sunny rattan of the blinds finds its ways into nightstands, an area rug, and the yellows of the spread and printed curtains.

14. Kerry Pilchik

HGTV Magazine

All the prints in this bedroom in lawyer-turned-designer Pilchik’s Ridgewood, NJ, home seem to have sprung full grown from the bold print used to upholster the bench at the foot of the bed.

15. CUFFHOME/Cuff Studio

Joe Schmelzer/House Beautiful

The tufted chenille bedspreads used in this LA home take me back to my childhood, and the blue-and-white-striped rug just pulls my eyes right in. You can take a full tour of the home here, but please note that this image only appeared in the printed magazine.

16. Jessica Stambaugh

Gieves Anderson/BH&G

A hand-pieced quilt is a natural to pair with an antique headboard. But I love how Stambaugh brought both into the modern era with her choice of the geometric print in the accent pillows. If you have a March 2020 issue of Better Homes & Gardens laying around, you’ll find the full tour of Stambaugh’s Nashville, TN, home. I couldn’t, however, locate it online.

17. Susan Crater

Oberto Gili/AD

This bedroom in the Bedford, NY, home of Susan Crater, granddaughter of legendary interior designer Sister Parish also sports a quilt in an eclectic mix of modern patterns. I love the beautiful sky blue backdrop of the walls.

3 more ‘orphan’ bedrooms to love (no designer attribution or tour links):


HGTV Magazine

More coco-brown here for me to love, but paired in an unsual way with a peachy pink. I love how the throw pulls that out of the bed upholstery print for an extra fun take on midcentury modern boho. The velvet bench at the foot of the bed also takes its color cue from the throw, as does the lumbar accent pillow. And the velvet on the euro pillows and the foot bench act like lush bookends. This room would make for a dreamy yet so-sophisticated sleepover.


HGTV Magazine

To me, the amazing thing about this bedroom is how the throw and the geometric accent pillow seem cut from the same–but slightly different–cloth of the hallway wallpaper. The sweet, peachy three-legged nightstand topped with a diminutive bouquet of orange roses is like icing on the cake.


HGTV Magazine

Last but far from least, is this massive charcoal gray upholstered bed, which brings utter calm to the collection of books behind it. I love the use of purple with teal as well as the mix of wall colors. Let’s call this style GLAM-Bo!

Are We All Bohemians Now?

Artist Henri Matisse, who in 1948 turned his bed at home in Vence, France, into a makeshift studio. Here he creates some of his famous paper cutout art.

Elle Decor asked that very question in its September 2020 issue, “La Vie Boheme! How the World’s Most Creative People Live and Decorate.” A few of the bedrooms shown in this post appear in that issue, so if you can get your hands on one at this late date, it’s a keeper.

That all begs the question at hand, though: What makes a space boho? I think it’s the feeling you get from it of the person who lives there and who put it together–often one in the same. There’s a handcrafted quality to it, a lived-in quality, and a curated/collected quality whether it leans more toward maximalism, scandi, midcentury, or vintage.

Though I always seem to gravitate toward photos of beds with piles of pillows and layers of throws and coverlets, my own bed I choose to make a bit tamer. Probably because the husband I share it with doesn’t like all that fuss and I invariably find myself buried in it and sweating after he casts if off during the night.

So what we all end up with has to WORK for us, too. Remember that as you try to bring to life your own sweet boho dreams.

Till next post then: g’night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!

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