YAAAS!! Anthropologie Curved Rattan Bed Takes My Boho Breath Away

I can blame most of my home decor crushes on Anthropologie, including the latest—this curvy rattan bed, which has my boho heart beating triple time. And I certainly wouldn’t mind if it came complete with the home-away-from home paradise pictured here, shallow pool and stone walkway included.

Remember that Water Blooms Rug that started it all? Anthropologie to blame.


I really gushed a river over that one. Oh yes, I wanted the FULL version, 9-by-12-feet, $1,598. I might spend that for a rug at some point when my carpet wears out and we move to hardwoods, but I would NEVER put Water Blooms underfoot! I want to cover a wall with it, and it’s just not in the cards for me to spend that much for a wall hanging.

Not until my blog gets discovered and I become rich with endorsements and my own show on DIY or HGTV anyway. So that means probably never.
But a girl’s gotta dream, you know. Even at my age. PARTICULARLY at my age.

And now this bed appears out of nowhere…


Well, not “nowhere” exactly. It showed up in my inbox a few weeks ago in an Anthropologie email, which I couldn’t bear to delete. I just kept going back and staring: At. That. Bed.

I thought it must be a new product, so I looked through new Anthro items online, as I do occasionally for post ideas, and nothing. Nada. Zip.

I was so mesmerized by this bed, though, I spent another full week circling the email without clicking. I know my weaknesses, after all. When I finally did give in and click on the image, hoping to see more glorious pictures of this bed, all I got was a page full of quilts and duvets.

At first I was enraged: How could Anthropologie show me such a striking, heart-rending boho bed and then not even sell it? How dare they use my dream bed as a prop for linens!

Okay, I admit I was out of control for a few minutes. I see it now. No worry.

When I calmed down I looked for the bed in their bedroom furniture listings and found it, where it always was…


Wherever that is in this photo, could I go there? Right now? Pretty please?

And make my transport instantaneous, like on Star Trek—beam me up! Because my legs cramp jammed into car and airplane seats. And I miss my cat when I travel, so yes please, beam Maisie up with me. And give her some sort of elixir so she’s not anxious about the vacation digs and just lolls around with me, maybe chasing a few koi in that lovely pool. I can picture her perched on a sunny rock, dipping her paw in and scooping one up, so simple and right, like a brustroke in a Japanese painting.

And Chris would be there, too, ‘natch. His presence would constitute one half of Maisie’s recipe for relaxation. Mine too.

But before I get too lost in Lala Land…

This dreamy creation is officially called the “Curved Rattan Bed.” Kind of lackluster for such a beauty, IMHO. It’s available in queen and king sizes for $1,798 and $1,998, respectively. At least you can’t say I have bad taste.


I have no idea how long Anthropologie has carried it, but long enough for it to show up on other home décor blogs (which, of course, you’ve never seen because you only read Boho Home).

I suppose I missed seeing it sooner on the Anthro site because I try not to look at the more expensive categories (which is all of them on Anthro, but especially furniture). Like I said, I know my weaknesses. You’d think since I have a beautiful bed of my own, only a few years old itself, I wouldn’t be susceptible to this kind of addiction.

BoHo Home

My bed and bedroom. Beautiful, isn’t it? But alas, I am human, ergo I am weak.

I just got done updating textiles and lamps (read about planning, the muddle in the middle, and completion). A new bed would mean starting over AGAIN, so $1,998 PLUS new bedding, lamps, curtains and art. My existing art made the transition of this last update, but I don’t think it goes all that well with the curved rattan bed.
And paint. We’d definitely have to repaint. That is, IF I were going to give into my home decor desires, which I’m not. Chris definitely doesn’t share my appetite for home decor eye candy.

But you do, don’t you?

So you must agree, this bed looks mighty sweet, up close & personal…
But since I won’t be getting it anyway, what does it matter? It might matter to YOU, I suppose, if you’re in the market for a new bed and this one caught your eye too. And a bit of pretending (for the reader’s sake, understand) might just exorcise my demon crush.

And since it’s all make believe anyway, I may as well go all the way and outfit an entire room. Heck, I’ll throw the Water Blooms Rug in there, too, and even plan to use it on the floor. How’s that for decadent?

So here goes…

First up, textiles:

I took a lighter approach than my usual color orgy and chose white bedding with a delicate mint embroidery.
To that I added just a smidge of Boho Susan pop…
FROM LEFT: Handmade Wool-Embroidered Pillow, Alyssa Kantha Quilt, Kantha Embroidered Pillow Case, Beachcrest Home Matchsticks Roll-Up Shade.

The solid-colored kantha quilt would be arranged neatly across the foot of the bed as an accent and handy for napping. Each of the throw pillows would lie against a stack of bed pillows. I stuck to two because I didn’t want bedding to compete with the bed.

Matchstick blinds, of course, would be hung beneath the curtains, except for the door to the pool (remember, we’re in that exotic-looking spot), where I would just have curtains billowing in the tropical breezes. I do love matchstick blinds!! What a way to see and not be seen, in daytime anyway.

Now for the big stuff: Furniture, rug, lighting.

There. Absolute gorgeousness. Swoonworthy, if I do say so myself. BTW, I mean for the Water Blooms Rug to be angled under the foot of the bed. I just love that cute dressing table, and I’ve wanted one forever, so I decided to have it here at least. And isn’t too cool how those slipper chairs pick up the colors in the rug, like a watercolor painting?

I think I’ll call this style Hollywood meets Bollywood. Glamour and exoticity (yeah, it really is a legit word) in one package!

Ready to buy that bed?

Go HERE. Just don’t tell me about it if you do. I don’t think I could stand it. If you feel guilty enough to try to make it up to me, you can follow my blog with Bloglovin. ;->

Sweet dreams!!

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