What Makes You Happy?

Home Goods has a fun and quick “What Makes You Happy?” quiz. All you do is pick five favorite photos from a block of 36, and press the RESULTS button to get a made-to-order inspiration board in one of 12 categories. Mine came up “Boho”–no surprise there. Here are highlights of the inspiration board it produced for me:

Additional info included gift suggestions for a boho gal, how she shops the store (or should), and Pinterest boards, Twitter feeds and blogs to follow.

After you take the quiz you can check out the inspiration boards for the other Stylescope “types” and see if you think the quiz pegged you right:

  • Urban Funk
  • Classic
  • Set Sail
  • Socialite
  • Spa Life
  • The Traveler
  • Vegas Baby
  • New Country
  • Farmhouse Glam
  • Modern Metro
  • Sassy

Reading each one confirmed my belief that Boho borrows something from every style, but adds its own twist, punch and wake-up call.

Take the quiz here. Post your results in the comments and tell me if you agree. And watch for more decor quizzes every Monday.



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