From Opera to Runway to Room

La Scala served as more than backdrop for the unveiling of Dolce & Gabbana’s 2016 alta moda collection. Milan, as well as all of Italy’s rich opera heritage, was the blood coursing through each and every nip, tuck, thread and bead—an homage to the roots of two of the city’s favorite sons, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Gowns reminiscent of Puccini heroines brought to life Tosca, Turandot, and Madame Butterfly, while smart suits, opulent cocktail dresses and lavish coats channeled Puccini granddaughter Biki, the Milanese dressmaker who once outfitted aristocratic women of the city.

Fashion has always influenced interior design, though what once took years to go from runway to room now makes the jump almost instantaneously via the Internet and social media. In my mind, it’s precisely because these particular designs are oh-so-obviously too posh for MY everyday life that they should move from runway to room ASAP. Interior design liberates them and democratizes them, making their beauty available in some shape or form to all.

I hope you enjoy my refashioning of D&G fashion, and I hope you coopt some sparkling tidbit of what you see for your own palace of drama and song.

Note the juxtaposition of crisp black & white with soft all over

D&G / Williams-Sonoma / D&G


D&G / Christine Dovey / D&G

Romantic silhouettes informed by nature

D&G / House & Garden U. K. / D&G

Plush & lush, moody & mysterious, bejeweled & bewitched

D&G/ 47 Park Avenue / D&G
D&G / Lisa Romerein, Peter Dunham Design, via C Magazine / D&G

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