Boho Seeing = Boho Being

This week mesmerized me with its images, and I’m not talking about New York Fashion Week. Though those runways ran sticky with bags and bags of eye candy, here’s what REALLY captured this boho gal’s attention…

Ballerina Misty Copeland channels Degas

Ken Browar & Deborah Ory / Harper’s Bazaar

Who hasn’t lost themselves in thought over the graceful ballerinas painted and sculpted by Edgar Degas? Now, in conjunction with a Museum of Modern Art exhibit, “Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty,” we can see them recreated by ballerina Misty Copeland. Copeland is the first African-American woman named principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. Her story, her comments on what dance does for her, and the photos of those re-creations are all amazing.

Check out:

  • Harper’s Bazaar website for the story and photos, with even more in the March printed edition.
  • The MOMA exhibit, which opens March 26 and runs through July 24—a definite must-see if you’re in New York.
  • The story behind the documentary on Copeland, “A Ballerina’s Tale” and its trailer.

Artist Juan Fontive captures dance of nature in flipbook machines

See more at Colossal, where you just may lose yourself in the flutter of fast-flipping wings.

Room to runway, for a change

Peter Copping

We’re used to seeing fashion trends wend their way into interior design, but it works in reverse, too. Vogue chronicles “7 Fashion Insiders to Follow on Instagram for Serious Interior Inspiration.” The fun comes in linking up the interiors the fashion designers love with the clothes they design, and that’s left up to you.

Winter blooms sing of spring

Grace Kim / Design Sponge

Winter flowers are few, which makes actual hellebores dear, so this outstanding “Paper Hellebore Tutorial by Kate Alarcón” is just the ticket to take you through winter’s last month without emptying your pockets too much. Just concentrate on the fun you’ll have making them, and before you know it, March 20 will be here.

Take your gallery wall into 3 dimensions

Jamie Hawkesworth / Vogue

Vogue rounds up great advice from interior designers and stylists in “The New Way to Build a Gallery Wall: Go 3D.” The idea may not be so new as they say, but the advice from the likes of Lilly Bunn, Philip Mitchell, John Derian, and Emily Henderson is sound and mucho welcome.

Speaking of Emily Henderson…

David Tsay

You know who I mean: That perky, petite blonde from HGTV whose Style book everybody loves to love? Well, I love her blog post about “Styling the Perfect Window Shot.” You might recognize the photo from her book, but the blank slate she began with—and the nifty fast-action transformation slideshow cum video—will be a revelation.

Sports Illustrated cover gets curvy dose of reality

James Macari / Sports Illustrated

Not that I’ll ever like the idea of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue (or—God forbid!—buy it), but I couldn’t help but cheer that a plus-size woman finally made its cover. Actually, at size 14, I wouldn’t truly call model Ashley Graham “plus-size.” She’s the size of the average American woman, and what I wouldn’t give to be a 14 again! But better than the pictures are her story in the Daily Beast and her TED talk, “Plus-Size? More Like My Size.”

Image of the week: the dance of happiness

Technically, these are molecules of the protein myosin dragging a ball of endorphins along an active filament into the inner part of the brain’s parietal cortex. Did you get all that? Translation: It’s the process which produces feelings of happiness. I can’t pronounce it, let alone explain it, but just watching it does, indeed, make me happy.

I hope it works for you and you have a happy weekend!


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