YAAAS!! ‘Waterblooms’ Rug Makes My Heart Go Thumpity-Thump

The net I’m caught in is Anthropologie’s Waterblooms area rug.

It’s my biggest boho design crush to date (biggest = most expensive). Every time I see it my heart skips a beat and I find my head swimming–nay, floundering–in its deep, dark blue boho waters.

I first saw Waterblooms in this photograph and didn’t know it was technically a rug or where it was sold. It hung here as a room divider, and I envisioned it in my own living room hanging on the wall behind my sofa. I assumed it was some sort of coverlet or throw made in the Asian subcontinent and one of these days I’d run across it and make it mine.

Since I had’t seen it for sale, my crush hadn’t yet escalated to obsession.

Then one day it appeared in a shopping email from Anthropologie. I hurriedly clicked on the link to find out available sizes and prices.

And that’s when my heart sank.

If ever I could afford this, there’d be at least a dozen other items we needed to take care of first, nudging it to the back of the line. Chris would never go for the expense, and I was sure he wouldn’t like it in the living room anyway.


But that hasn’t kept me from drooling over it.

The rug’s crewel-embroidered design is worked in wool and backed with cotton. It comes in six sizes ranging in price from $98 to $1,598. I want the 8 x 10, which is a ridiculous (for me) $1,198.

The only review I could locate (NOT on Anthropologie’s website) gave Waterblooms only two out of five stars, which should have cured my crush. But the reviewer confessed she wanted to use it as a rug—in a kitchen no less. While the crewel-work was gorgeous, she said, the backing was merely tacked on, and she didn’t think it would hold up to daily use.

Granted, at this price, it should be put together more securely. But I also can’t imagine anyone would buy Waterblooms to WALK on, let alone cook near.


I could swing the low end, no problem. But I think you’ll agree, the impact isn’t the same at 2 x 3.


Now here’s a thought…

If I reeled in my desire to 3 x 5 ($248), I could hang it over my desk, write it off on my taxes, and stare into its depths all day long, day after day. I believe it would inspire my writing! Yes. Yes, it would. I. Just. Know. It!

So here’s hoping Santa reads BoHo Home, makes a note, and takes pity. I do, after all, quote him quite a bit (bo-ho-ho), so he owes me one.

And after all, I’ve been very, very good this year. Right, Chris? Chris?! Chris!! Chrrr-i-i-i-i-issss??


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