YAAAS! / This. My Boho Bedroom. Pronto.


Last week’s post about taking a birds-eye view of my bedding convinced me I need Anthropologie’s Open Market Throw in pink, post-haste, for my bedroom.

Anthropologie / Yann Arthus-Bertrand photo

This photo of the throw side-by-side with a birds-eye view of some rice paddies in China is what captured my imagination. Who wouldn’t fall in love with those terraces of pink against earth tones, purples and pops of orange?

I just cannot get it out of my mind.


I actually featured several gorgeous, handcrafted throws from Anthropologie in that post, including the Open Market in charcoal. But alas, I’m someone who simply MUST have color.


So for me—once I decided to spend the money to make a change—it came down to these two Anthropologie throws, Open Market in pink and Collaged Majida in multi, both of which retail for $148.

Both were created in collaboration with All Roads Design of Los Angeles, CA. The All Roads studio is known for its ability to pair handmade with high-style. Founders Robert Dougherty and Janelle Pietrzak combine their backgrounds in carpentry, welding and textile sourcing to create custom furnishings and one-of-a-kind decor that never fails to catch the eye.

And that’s certainly true for both of these throws. They’ve caught my eye and won’t let go.

How I made my decision:


I almost chose the Collaged Majida. I like the blues in it, which would pick up on all the blue-and-white Chinese porcelain I have in the room. But it seems like, perhaps, too much blue. And all the colors seem a bit dark (intense?) for how I want my bedroom to make me feel right now, going into spring (which, even though it’s snowing as I write this, I know IS on its way).


Then I thought maybe I would order both, to see how each looked in my bedroom, and return one—a dangerous idea, since I’d probably want to keep both and switch them out seasonally. But finally what sold me on the Open Market was it reminded me of a sunrise, while the other reminded me of a sunset. (Has Fiddler on the Roof broken out in song inside your head yet?)

Both are lovely times of day…

BoHo Home photo

…but I already have a bedroom that reminds me of sunset, and I want a change. I want something more lively, more wake-up-and-smell the blossoming fruit trees, if you get my drift.

Creative Bloq

The palettes of sunrise and sunset are similar; as I intimated parenthetically, it’s more a question of intensity. This comparison of how to paint sunrise (top) versus sunset (bottom) demonstrates the differences. Sunrise has more pink and hints of orange, while sunset leans toward more intense orange and red. Blue is present in both, but is deeper and more intense at sunset.

Creative Bloq / Anthropologie

The difference is clearer still when you pair the paintings with the respective throws and put them side-by-side.

And that’s what settled it for me


I have convinced myself this will be money well spent since I’m sticking with a similar palette and the new throw will work with existing paint and carpet colors, as well as lamps and art.


Anthro’s Open Market collection also includes a table runner—which would work as a topper for nightstands—and throw pillows in two sizes. ALL the Open Market items scream YAAS! in my book, but I also like to mix things up a bit, so I don’t plan to purchase any of the additional items.

Have I earned a reward yet for my self-control?


No? Probably a good thing because isn’t it always the case that when you change one item in a room you end up changing one more, then another, then…? Turns out I already have my sights on several other items, but don’t tell Chris, K?


For now I’m keeping this all to myself and hoping the packages arrive when he’s out at the grocery or hardware store.

I WAS waiting for Anthropologie to bless me with a 20%-off coupon, and that arrived Friday. Needless to say, my fingers wasted NO time in clicking all the right keys. Or course, I had the throw ready and waiting in my online shopping cart, dontcha know.

And if Chris is here when it arrives, I’ll just tell him it was his Valentine’s Day gift to me. To us, right?

Once the snuggly throw is actually in my possession, look for more here on how it will change my bedroom. You will even get to weigh in on some of the purchase options and combinations.

Want more?

  • My Anthropologie coupon included one for a friend. So the first one of you who reads this far and tries N83XNXEKWAF also gets 20-percent off! The code is good through Feb. 28 on full-price merchandise only.
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