WAY TO GO BOHO #5 / Unique Textile Mix Makes Dreamy Bedtime Story

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You can get this boho look in your home for a lot less than you might think. Boho style packs a lot of wham into each decor buck you send its way because it often relies on a mix of ethnic textiles that, thanks to the Internet, are readily available at many price points.

Take the wall tapestry in this room, for instance.

A wall hanging can be used in place of a headboard in a bedroom, but if you look at the photo closely you’ll see there’s also a headboard in this room. The tapestry has just been neatly tucked behind it, then lapped over it to change out the look.

While the textile used in the inspiration photo may indeed be a hand-embellished, one-of-a-kind item, you can get a similar look for pennies on the dollar. For instance…

BoHo Home @bohosusan

…this lotus pattern “tapestry” sells on Amazon for $19.95. It’s described as “tapestry, tablecloth, beach sheet, wall art,” and I would add “bedspread/coverlet” to that. Its design is printed on cotton, but hey, you’re hanging it on the wall, remember? It won’t be viewed close-up unless your guests climb across the bed on their knees to get their noses in it. And if they’re like me, they’re too old for that sort of thing.

Who cares anyway? Its purpose is to provide a splash of brilliant color and arresting pattern that can be seen from even a distance – down a hallway through an open door, but, at the least, each time you walk into your bedroom. The bed is typically the focal point in any bedroom, and this inexpensive piece of cloth helps make your bed look impressive so you can spend your money elsewhere.

It emulates the look of the inspiration room well:

BoHo Home @bohosusan

I can’t promise all aspects of this room how-to redo are as much of a bargain as the wall-hanging, but I will say that it all depends on what you can do with what you already have and how determined of a shopper you are.

Let’s tackle those nightstands next.BoHo Home @bohosusan

Matching campaign-style nightstand-sized chests aren’t easy to find, and you’ll notice the ones I used in the mood board are navy blue with brass hardware rather than charcoal gray with chrome hardware. I actually like them better than the gray ones, but that’s me.

I found them in a children’s store, where they were being sold as changing tables, so the height was adult-size.
BoHo Home @bohosusan
Land of Nod

They weren’t inexpensive, but they weren’t terribly expensive either at $699 each. Campaign style stands the test of time and mixes with traditional or modern, so consider it a wise investment.

BoHo Home @bohosusan
Turquoise & Gold

Refurbish a small chest you already own or an inexpensive new chest to emulate the campaign style. The Internet is full of IKEA hacks and almost as many IKEA campaign chest hacks. This is a hack of IKEA’s popular Rast Chest ($35), and you’ll find the DIY on Turquoise & Gold. You’ll invest some coin in the hardware, but it likely won’t come anywhere near the price of the Land of Nod chests.

What would I do? I’d buy them ready made because I’m getting older and I’m not so into DIY anymore. I’ve done my share of projects, though, and now I’m paying myself back.

How ’bout those lamps?BoHo Home @bohosusan

They are gorgeous. Definitely killer, and that’s how I know an interior designer put this room together – because I couldn’t find anything remotely similar out there. And those designers know of all sorts of sources us regular folks don’t.
BoHo Home @bohosusan
Pottery Barn/CB2

After an exhausting (notice I didn’t say exhaustive) Internet search, I narrowed it to these two lamps. Initially I put the lamp on the left into the mood board because of its beautiful hammered detail. But by the time I finished the collage, I didn’t like the lamp anymore. Its shape was too ordinary to stand up to the bold pattern in the rest of the room accessories, so I went back to the lamp on the right.

Both lamps are pricey – $230 for the Pottery Barn Nori Lamp I rejected and $349 for the CB2 Lola Lamp I chose instead. Lola is a big girl – 34.5 inches compared to Nori’s 27.5 – and big is what this room called for. Between Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, Internet sales, and vintage/thrift shops, you’re bound to find a pair to fit your budget and your space.

If you’re someone who buys a lamp and keeps it forever, then $349 for a good lamp is a sound investment. But a lamp’s days are numbered in my house if it’s been around longer than five years. I tend to look for good buys so I don’t have to feel guilty when I change them out.

Shop around for the Kilim pillows.

Just about every major department and home furnishings store has a line of kilims these days, and you can find them on Etsy as well as other Internet sites. The department store ones are mass-produced, of course. And you can certainly find one-of-a-kind ones on the Internet for the same or less than what you might pay for mass-produced. Just be sure to factor in the shipping.

Here’s our mood board with product links.

BoHo Home @bohosusan
| 1. Flower of Life Tapestry by Zest for Life, Amazon, $20 | 2. Lola Table Lamp by Lenny Kravitz for CB2, $349 | 3. Campaign Three-Drawer Chest in Midnight Blue, Land of Nod, $699 each | 4. Urban Trends Ceramic Sitting Buddha Figurine, Walmart, $42 | 5. House of Hampton Hydrangea Bouquet in Mercury Glass Vase, Wayfair, $130 | 6. Leonora Grand Sham, Frontgate, $215 | 7. Red Kilim Lumbar Pillow Cover, Etsy, $22 | 8. Charcoal Kilim Pillow Cover, Etsy, $45| 9. Turkish Boho Kilim Pillow Cover, ebay, $22 | 10. Pick-Stitch Quilt in Flagstone, Pottery Barn, $179 | 11. Handira Tamizart Moroccan Wedding Blanket, Essence of Morocco Ltd., $350.|

A different kind of textile that’s a little easier on the pocketbook could work at the foot of the bed. Look for kilim throws and even lightweight rugs. And here’s a DIY I know I’d still do: that beige linen body pillow. Anyone can make a pillow. Really.

I have to say this was the easiest room I’ve sourced in this series, which tells me the look is easy to achieve in any home. Once again: Way to go, BOHO!

With that thought, I’ll leave you to your shopping. And don’t forget to follow my blog with Bloglovin.






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