Tucked Away in Style x 12

 If I see something sagging, bagging or dragging
I’ll get it nipped, tucked or sucked. 

—Dolly Parton


Dolly Parton acquired her signature look by making the most of her natural assets. Her advice also makes a lot of sense when looking at the asset we call our boho home. Check out these nifty decorous ways to nip and tuck your stuff while contributing to your home’s signature boho look.

1. Fool the eye

Apartment Therapy

What looks like a custom built-in is really a DIY hack. Find a storage bench and a shelf to fit your space, then unify the two and the wall they back up against with paint. I especially love this rich purple (Benjamin Moore Vintage Wine) against the green walls.

2. Go dotty

The Styled Child

An simple bench and wood drawer knobs in various sizes bring this storage area alive when painted bright, fun colors. I love the addition of the “dot” rugs and pillows. This would work well in a child’s room as well as a hallway.

3. Orange you special

Here’s another DIY hack that yields a custom look. In summer it works for storage of swim towels and patio cushions. In winter it could hold boots, coats, gloves, scarves and throws. I love the fun colors, all brought together in the striped dhurrie rug.

4. Locker it up

Found on Design Trolls

Repurposed school lockers make great mudroom cubbies for shoes, school books, backpacks and such. Let the kids have the bottom tiers, and you can use the top rows for out-of-season gloves, hats and scarves. The addition of a chair makes for a place to take boots on and off.

5. Pipe dream


Simple copper plumbing pipe installed in an interesting shape makes art and a quirky coat/hat/bag rack when you add S hooks. I like the bright orange cupboard and the pale peach wall beyond, as well as the old style telephone all alone on that rustic stool. Next job: ripping out that grungy carpet.

6. Spring, sprang, sprong

Scarlet Fig

Disposing of old beds is always a problem. How about removing the spring set and hanging it to hold a colorful display? Here it does double-duty as sculpture and shows off fabrics, but it would be equally useful (and pretty) decked with towels in a kitchen or bath, kitchen utensils or craft supplies.

7. Split decision

The Cottage Market

What a cute way to have workspace for two and privacy for both. This looks like the back was removed from the bookshelf and the table placed through it. Rather than cutting the main parts of either major piece, the backing was probably cut and refitted. Notice the little peephole? This would be perfect for a cookbook and craft space in a kitchen or for a children’s homework space. Such a clever use of off-the-shelf materials and a conversation piece all at once!

8. Spin me a yarn

Found on Flickr
There’s something so simply beautiful about these cubbies stuffed with colorful skeins of yarn. I don’t knit, but it makes me want to stock up just for the pop of color it brings to this work area. Yarn is so warm and fuzzy, too! Think how calming it would be to pull out a ball every now and then and stroke.

Okay, TMI. Let’s move on.

9. The paint pantry

These bottles of craft paint, like the yarn, provide pops of color, but you can tuck it all away when not working on a project. Such an ingenious way to use a wall-mounted, fold-down desk!

10. Cracked and potted

Madam Stoltz

A purposely random wall display of containers draws attention to, rather than away from, a crack. The stack of books, wood and what-nots beneath the bench points up another crack in the floor. In my mother’s day, they would have tried to hide both, but the cracks are part of what makes this vignette interesting. This sort of display could work well in an office, kitchen, bath or hallway, and is a simple look to achieve even if you have no cracks to add ambience. See more vignettes from this Denmark retailer at Planete Deco.

11. Build up, not out

Deco Peques

Fit THREE twin beds in the space of one with this cool platform idea. This would be a terrific use of space in a beach house or for younger children near in age in any home.

12. Think outside the box

Your home hides all sorts of wasted space. Areas under stairs are a no-brainer, but who’d have thought about an access door in the stairway landing? Ingenious! This is a great place to stash seasonal items in the off-season—holiday decorations, blankets, winter clothes and such—or just a neat place for the kids to hide.

We utilized the area under our stairs at a previous home and accessed it through a coat closet, which meant we had to remove the coats, then crawl on our hands and knees to get stuff in or out. It was a great storage space for Christmas decorations, but I wish we would have thought of this for access. It would have made things so much easier.

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