Magic Boho Carpet + Design Basel Picks

A one-of-a-kind magical carpet that should appeal to all you boho home decor fans out there is part of an interactive exhibit that opened Tuesday at Design Miami/Basel in Switzerland. @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Alexandra Kehayaglou

No Longer Creek by Alexandra Kehayaglou reconstructs the former natural oasis of Raggio Creek, located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, a few blocks from the artist’s home. “It used to be unpolluted, with crystal waters, no industrial chemicals,” she says. “It was a place where you could find reptiles, native birds and animals, and they destroyed it to work on this construction site.”

The construction site in question is a shopping mall. The rug is a soft yet stirring reminder of lands that fall victim to industrial progress, a frequent theme in the artist’s work. @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Alexandra Kehayaglou

Kehayaglou is the third generation of Argentine carpet-maker El Espartano. At age 7 she told her teachers she also wanted to make carpets, but grew up and went off to art school to paint. When she graduated and returned home, she laid aside her brushes and took up carpet-making on her own terms.

Initially she worked from leftover yarns, but now she’s the firm’s creative guru and has her own “Alexa” line. Still, it’s her one-of-a-kind carpet landscapes that turn heads. They are, quite simply, works of art. @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Alexandra Kehayaglou

Maybe you remember her mossy tufted rugs that festooned the Dries Van Noten runway during Paris Fashion Week 2014. If not, here are a few of her more spectacular works that have been making the rounds in conjunction with museum exhibits, galleries, and high-end brands like Hermès…

Refugio @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Alexandra Kehayaglou

Winter Chair @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Alexandra Kehayaglou

Elpiniki @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Alexandra Kehayaglou

Magical is the only word for them, right? They don’t fly in and of themselves, like the legendary Aladdin’s carpet, but they surely take the imagination to a wholly new place.

Follow the links to…

  • Watch a live feed of Design Miami/Basel visitors “hanging out” on No Longer Creek
  • Read Casey Lesser’s interview with Kehayaglou at
  • Visit Kehayaglou’s website
  • Follow her on Instagram

More Design Miami/Basel 2016 works from emerging artists that caught my eye

(Glass and brass, 80-by-220 inches) @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Frida Fjellman 

Such a gorgeous light fixture! I love the gem-like facets of the glass and the mix of greens and blues, which would be dynamite paired with Kehayaglou’s rug.

Brass Triangle Stool by Zhoujie Zhang

(Brass, about 22-by-14-by-12 inches, $5,000) @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Zhoujie Zhang

Both a heart-back and a split-back chair are available in the same geometric style, as well as a chrome version of the stool. Faceted like Fjellman’s glass pendant light and very on-trend, these stools will crop up in high-end (read “movie star”) interior design soon.

Bhanga Bronze (Yellow) by Vincent Dubourg

(Bronze, about 35-by-116-by-24 inches) @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Vincent Dubourg

Be sure to follow the link on this one and see the additional views with doors open, as well as a close-up of the surface finish. Stunning!

Perishable Vase by Marcin Rusak

(Waste flowers, shellac, tree resins, beeswax, bronze, and nickel-plated steel, about 12-by-10-by-10 inches) @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Marcin Rusak

Follow the link on this one, too, and zoom in to see the embedded flowers. There’s also a folding screen done in a similar fashion.

Wine Credenza II by Sung-Jae Han

(Walnut, stainless steel, glass and brass, with gear and bearing; about 41-by-52-by-22 inches) @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Sung-Jae Han

This one is so cute and retro I had to include it. It reminds me of the console stereo my parents had in the early 1960s, and I’ve since seen examples of those (all my parents’ friends had them too) repurposed as bar cabinets. The walnut on this one is like satinwood.

Solstice by Jeremy Wintrebert

(Hand-blown glass and steel, about 12 inches in diameter) @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Jeremy Wintrebert

No listing on how long this pendant light is, but at a foot across it must be huge, like the sun at the summer solstice. So much gorgeousness!

Je Ne Sais Quoi by Glithero

(Patinated bronze, about 41-by-59-by-24 inches) @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Glithero

So is this a chair with an attached table? Or a multi-level console? Or I don’t know what? Hence the name.

Unique Anal Clooney Mini Beast by the Haas Brothers

(Sheep fur and bronze, 11.5-by-10.5-by-11 inches) @bohosusan, Design Miami/Basel 2016, Haas Brothers

No, the “n” is not a typo (at least not on MY part), and I can’t help but wonder whether the artists are just having a bit a fun or are trying to make a statement. And if it’s the latter, what? I’m over-thinking this one, I guess. It’s a cute little guy. Or gal. Er…It looks soft and cute, and I’d pet it if it weren’t for the name.

Apart from any misgivings on my part, the piece has already sold in the $20,000-$30,000 range. You wouldn’t want to take a bet on who the buyer is, would you? Check out the Haas Brothers website for a full line of “celebri-tease” (my word) beasts.

Follow the link to see more from Design Miami/Basel, which runs through June 20.

The global forum for design will alternate to Miami in December 2016. While you’re waiting for it to roll around again, follow my blog with Bloglovin so you won’t miss the latest in boho interior design and furnishings.
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