Cat’s Compleat Guide to Home Decor

Today is National Cat Day, so I thought it only fair to give the cats who have owned boho me their decorating due with 30 catechisms on home decorating. I found these through the years scrawled on torn-up pieces of toilet paper, chewed envelopes and mauled box flaps hidden behind my refrigerator (along with catnip mouses, balls, plastic springs, nyla-chews and an assortment of pens and pencils).


Without further amew, here’s the decorating scoop from Maisie, Molly, Katie, Ernie, Buffy, Purr and Mittens…

1. When life gives you lemons,
put them in a glass jar
and build a room around them.

Found on Made By Mood

2. You can never have too many throw pillows.
(The more the merrier for peek-a-boo,
so let’s play already!)

Peter Carlsson

3. To save on maintenance,
choose a color scheme that hides cat hair
(And me so I can jump out and scare you!)

4. Aesthetics are important,
but make sure choices fit lifestyle.
(I like how my fur looks against this bedspread,
but you won’t when I move. Refer to #3.)

House & Home

5. Have plenty of comfy seats,
and let the sun shine in!

6. Keep windowsills free of clutter.
(I need room to swish my tail.)

Parrish Relics

7. Embrace the rumpled-bed look!
(The better to smell you with, my dear.)

29 Black Street

8. Do NOT, under any circumstances,
allow dogs on furniture.

Cindy Rinfret, designer

9. Choose carpet that will stand up to
the rigor-and-roll of daily use.

Geoffrey & Grace

10. However, choose an area rug
for its ability to disguise hairballs.

Found on rebloggy

11. Bring the outdoors in and the indoors out.
When I catch a bird or a chipmunk, I’ll reciprocate.

California Home + Design

12. Plants bring movement and life to a room.
(They make great snacks, too!)

Jaclyn Campanaro/Design Sponge

13. But keep plants off the windowsills unless you like dirt on the floor.(Refer to #6).

Jaclyn Campanaro/Design Sponge

14. Live and let live.
(But please reassure me the rug and pillows
are not my new siblings.)

Found on Instagram

15. Every room ‘kneads’ a knitted throw.

Yacine Aziz

16. A faux fur throw, however, has ALL the advantages of another cat without the upkeep.

Apartment Therapy

17. Attitude is everything. You can get away with just about anything if you’re fluffy and cute, (or you act as if you believe you are).

Sara Tuttle Interiors

18. The highest price and pedigree doesn’t always mean the best value. Shop around.

Marcus Design

19. Never color coordinate books.
Like me, they don’t need your help to look good.

Interior Design 2014

20. Everything goes with a gray sofa.

HDW Pics

 21. Everyone goes with a gray sofa.
(I thought it was worth repeating.)

22. Leave space on shelves for me to explore.
(I like to experiment with sound and motion as objects fall.)

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

23. You can never have too many windows.
Draperies, on the other hand, are overrated.

Yacine Aziz

24. View the possibilities of a room from all angles and let its architecture speak to you.

Found on Newlyweds Next Door

25. Strive for a “collected” look
in your home and workplace.
(The more places for me to hide, the better!)

Found on Fair Hope Supply

26. Choose who you collaborate with wisely.


27. Make sure your work area has plenty of storage
and a large, clutter-free desk for lolling
(me, not you, silly!).

Found on Grey House Design Studio/Esther Ruth

28. Know when to stop.
It may be true that a room is never finished,
but we gotta play sometime!


29. Every work in progress needs a boss.
You have me, so go open a can of mackerel and shrimp while I check out these paint colors.

Design Sponge/Zoey Klein

30. Never, EVER let anyone talk you out of what you truly love.
(That goes for dibs on the purple chair*, too!)

Interior Design 2014

*My office chair is also purple, and Maisie is determined to make it hers.

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