Saturday SAVES Wait Until Sunday, Thanks to One Beat Boho Mama (Me)

This boho mama is boho beat after a day of helping our daughter ready her first home purchase for move-in on Monday. There was a lot of décor talk in between sweeping up the previous owner’s doghair and dirt, but all the action was in forward motion with cleaning rags. Honestly, I can’t get the smell of 409 out of my hair!

Anyway, that’s why this week’s “Saturday SAVES” didn’t make it to you until Sunday. I could have skipped it altogether, I guess, but since I’m too sore to do anything but sit today while the packing drama continues at her third-floor apartment, I’ll just turn the heating pad up to high and enjoy catching up with all of you.


Gold’s kissing cousins

In last Saturday’s SAVES I fixated on gold sofas and gold whatever, and this week it’s gold’s kissing cousin, yellow. @bohosusan
Jan Baldwin

Follow Cote de Texas’ Joni Webb on a sunshiny romp as she chases down “The Mystery of the Yellow Sofa.” There are a ton of great photos (many with boho accents like the yummy throw pillows in this room), compelling background on the lineage of particular makes and models of yellow sofas, and tips on getting your own lemony loveseat on a budget. @bohosusan
Tjitske van Leeuwen

Another kissing cousin to last week’s “plain-old-flat” gold is the metallic kind, as in rings and things. That gold was the focus of a décor post at Planete Deco. “The Sensuality of Gold” shows myriad home décor uses for spun gold—yeah, that stuff Rapunzel made—fabric, accessories, wall flecks and more. Lots of photos guaranteed to get your motor purring even if your spinning wheel only turns out ordinary thread.

Purple envy @bohosusan
Urban Electric Co. via My Notting Hill

At the complete opposite side of the color wheel, this smoky purple living room room made me stop and count the Chinoiserie. I LOVE how the indigo blue-and-white porcelains and pillows underscore all the purples in this living room. The orchid’s a wonderful pop, but the purple door is what really has me going. Or should I say, coming and going? Because it does. Yes, it does. @bohosusan
Museum of Ice Cream

Purple, purple everywhere and even some to lick! Don’t miss the Museum of Ice Cream’s Instagram feed. Get a sample taste at Domino or go in for the full feed. Either way, you’ll be amazed to see where ice cream is going these days, besides in your mouth.

Yes, I’m dieting again, so my favorite food and I have parted ways for now; but I can dream, can’t I? And these scoops ARE the stuff of dreams.

Inside Aussie design @bohosusan
Susan Redman via Houzz

Meet the Aboriginal Women Forging a New Design Identity for Australia,” on Houzz. Those pictured above—the Elcho Island Weavers—are just the tip of the down-under iceberg. If you love boho—ethnic, global, whatever you want to call it—this story is a must read.

Kitsch(en)y boho fun

Honestly, this kitchen reminds me so much of ones I had in my first apartments. It’s a hodge-podge, but that’s what makes it so interesting. @bohosusan
Architectural Digest

This one in particular is a well-thought-out hodge-podge with restored vintage appliances and such. @bohosusan
Architectural Digest

The adjancent eating area is just as cute! Love the colorful glassware on open shelving and the Danish modern chairs. We had similar ones in the formal dining room of my childhood. Anywho, continue your peek “Inside an AD Editor’s Collected Brooklyn Townhouse” at Architectural Digest.

Places to see on your boho journey @bohosusan
Singer Castle, Dark Island, NY

Check out “5 Whimsical Castles to Visit in New York,” also at AD. Yes, you heard right: New York. As in the state, not the city. As in this side of the pond. This article was interesting to me because I spent (the happiest) half of my childhood in upstate NY but never visited any of those featured. @bohosusan


I did, however, live nearby one that didn’t make this list: Belhurst Castle, on the shores of beautiful Lake Seneca, in Geneva. I ate lunch there long, long ago, as a child, and I was fascinated. There’s a hotel, as well as a restaurant, and a winery where you can taste the local vintages.

Never swam in Seneca—steep sides, deep and cold—but several other Finger Lakes are within a 30-minute drive. @bohosusan

If you’re already planning a that signature DC vacation with the kiddos, here’s a little known must-see. The subway system is the penultimate way to traverse the nation’s capital, so come up for air at least once in station central. AD’s story and slideshow “Union Station Returns to Its Former Glory” details recently completed restoration and renovation. The photos are cool enough to convince me the in-person view is nothing short of spectacular.

For the boho gardener @bohosusan

Get the DIY tutorial for this charming “Potting Bench with Decorative Roof” at Love Grows Wild. It’s too pretty to get dirty, in my book, but it would also make a charming bar and/or serving buffet.

And for those of us whose backs and knees prefer a dream of gardening to the real thing there’s this dreamy bench: @bohosusan

What a cute mudroom must-have! That is, if I had a mudroom. If you’d like it for yours, or even as a conversation piece elsewhere in your home, it’s available at Dot&Bo for “only” $899, marked down from $1,150. Gulp.

Surely there’s a DIYer out there with a knock-off strategy for this one. If so, let us know. I’d be happy to feature it in a guest post.

That’s it for this running-on-empty week

Gotta go fight my husband for the Bengay. I’ll be back on schedule Tuesday (already put the post to bed) with the finale to my master bath reno. In the meantime, I hope you’ll follow my blog with Bloglovin or one of the to-your-inbox subscription providers in the sidebar.

Stay cool (feels like 107 here, says the National Weather Service).


xoxo, Susan