Ooh Lala! Boho Design Sweeps the Runways of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week wasn’t ALL about boho, but the style certainly dominated more than a few runways. And the fashions shown translate to interior design with just as much fervor and flair.

Which came first? Who cares!! It’s all so glorious and beautiful and boho that I had a really, really tough time narrowing my runway-to-room choices to just 12.

But as promised, here they are…

Christian Dior collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Yannis Vlamos photo via Vogue / Billy Cotton photo via Desire to Inspire

If only I could have found an interior with a Marc Chagall painting or print because that’s what this dress and so many of the garments in the Dior collection reminded me of. Each outfit had a story on it, with themes from folklore, celestial symbols, and ancient cultures. That isn’t channeled directly into this boho living room designed by Billy Cotton, but you feel the romance and the mystery of the gown in the deep plum walls and the mix of global fabrics.

Dries Van Noten collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Kim Weston Arnold photo via Vogue / Swoonworthy photo

Skirts with sheer overlays abounded—some, like this one, topped opaque fabrics. Others covered just the essentials, if you get my drift. While others still topped lingerie-type shorts. I particularly like this dress because the underskirt was done in a nude solid, so you got the look of see-through without losing the mystery. This living room is a bit of a mystery, too, what with its black walls and deep green velvet sofa. See more of this northwest London home at Swoonworthy.

Paule Ka collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Paule Ka via Vogue / Thomas Look photo via House Beautiful

There was something so retro about many of the dresses in Paule Ka’s collection. They reflected the late 1950s through early 1960s era so well in their cut, but were updated with bodacious stripes and boho sandals and bags. And the detailing was so precise on the neck of this dress! Be sure to click on the headline link and check out the back, too. It’s just as stunning!

And such a stunning dress could only translate into a room with stunning attitude. This one is by A-list designer Jeffrey Bilhuber, and you can see more photos of this home at House Beautiful.

Balenciaga collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Monica Feudi via Vogue / Firyan W. Pratama photo via DigsDigs

Florals and other nature-inspired design are big in both the fashion and interiors world right now, but this Balenciaga dress and leggings number seeds new fashion ground. That is to say, it’s not your mother’s pantsuit. Nor is this bedroom a typical flowery chintz and flounces abode. But it does get to the root of things, don’t you agree?

Valentino collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Umberto Fratini photo via Vogue / Rus Anson photo via Apartment Therapy

Ahhh, Valentino!! You have my heart and soul! Honestly, this was my favorite collection BAR NONE. Ditto last season. I would wear every one of these outfits. That’s EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. And if I ever go to the Oscars, I’m gonna beg Valentino to dress me.

The style pictured was a little more of a modern chic take on boho, both in pattern and color, which made it fit this living room to a capital TEE. See more photos of this home at Apartment Therapy.

Issey Miyake collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Luca Tombolini photo via Vogue / Björn Wallander photo via House Beautiful

Horizontal stripes seemed prevalent at all the fashion weeks this season. I liked this ensemble because it turned the sideways pattern up and down for the skirt. A runway model can get away with wearing horizontal stripes over her hips (or lack thereof), but most of the rest of us would rather not risk it. I absolutely would wear THIS outfit, thought, and I wouldn’t turn down that gorgeously upholstered sofa either.

Hillier Bartley collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Hillier Bartley via Vogue / Brittany Ambridge photo via Domino

Remember the Carnaby Street fashion trend in the 1960s? Too young? Google it, because that’s what this outfit reminded me of. But better—kicked up a hundred or so notches. The mixed graphic patterns in the blouse and sash translate well to the pillows on the sofa.

Orange and black is tough to do in fashion and home décor without looking garrish—like Halloween—but both this outfit and this room manage it.

Acne Studios collection, Loewe collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Umberto Fratini photo via Vogue / Anthropologie photo / Umberto Fratini photo via Vogue

Here we have two different dresses from different designers, both done in patchwork, that reference the mix of prints in this boho living room. It’s almost like wearing a kantha quilt, isn’t it? Looks just as good on the ol’ body as it does on a bed, sofa, chair or wall.

Joie collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Curtis Buchanan via Vogue / William Waldron photo via Elle Decor

I just love this boho halter and skort set with its wonderful embroidery and tassels. Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed the drop-dead gorgeous bedroom that rocks this outfit’s attitude.

Emanuel Ungaro collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Yannis Vlamos photo via Vogue / Furlow Gatewood photo via Veranda

All I can say is wow, wow, and WOW!! Blue and red never looked so good as it does on this model and in this room. I’m ready for my island paradise vacay!

Balmain collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Monica Feudi photo via Vogue / Via Apartment Therapy

This beaded (? metallic?) wrap jacket reminds me so much of a colorful Moroccan rug. I’m gaga over all the gorgeous oranges making their way onto the fashion runways and into home décor. Feels like I’m walking on sunshine!

Tsumori Chisato collection

BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Photo courtesy of Tsumori Chisato via Vogue / Carla Richmond photo via Design Sponge

I know, there’s not much blue in the makeshift boho tent on the right. But it’s the drape of the dress that reminded me of the alluring drape of the tent—and the tassels and pompoms, of course, which no boho gal can do without. The tent was styled by Justina Blakeney, and you can find a tutorial to pitch one of your own at Design Sponge.

Fashion Week is history for another season—both in Paris and at BoHo Home—but if you want more…