30 Boho Touches Brighten Traditional Style

I fell in love with this Austin home that appeared in the March 2016 Better Homes and Gardens. The more I look at it, the more I see what a great example it is of how simple changes to otherwise traditional rooms lend a boho look and feel, as well as personalize a space.

It’s hard to believe the house is a rental, but interior designer Meredith Ellis and family call it home for now. Ellis’ husband, Hunter, is a television host and former Navy pilot, and many of the items used to put the family’s stamp on this temporary space he acquired on his travels.

How many boho attributes can you pick out in the living room?

View #1…
View #2…
Kim Cornelison/BHG

I count 4 more in the kitchen. Can you guess without looking at the answers?

Kim Cornelison/BHG

The master bedroom, my favorite room, takes us up to 30.

Kim Cornelison/BHG

Which room is your favorite, and what do you love most about it?

Kim Cornelison/BHG

In case you were wondering, the house is a craftsman bungalow built in 1910 and just as fetching outside as in. I love how the sky blue steps lead up to the front door in the same color. So welcoming! Almost as welcome as I would make you if you follow my blog with Bloglovin.