Get the Bow-WOW Boho Scoop on ‘Dogs & Their Designers’ in Susanna Salk’s latest

If you know me or follow this blog, you know about a year and a half ago a Goldendoodle named Millie (that’s her on the right, LOL) stole my heart. I call her my “grandpup,” since her mum is my daughter, Erin ((on the left, ‘natch).

I’ve always been (and always will be) mostly a cat person. But this puppy pulls at my heartstrings, and it turns out, happily, that she loves me as much as I love her.

It also turns out I’m not alone. Author and interior designer Susanna Salk profiles for us 21 fellow designers and the pooches they pamper in her latest book, At Home with Dogs and Their Designers (that’s it in the middle!), and it’s a delight even a diehard cat person like me can love. @bohosusan
Designer Carolyn Roehm shares her digs with doggies Lucky, Beethoven, Trollop, Dusty, Baby Monkey, and Teddy Bear.

Though Rizzoli released the title this past October, I spent a few months undecided about whether or not to buy it for Erin, who’s become quite the decorating diva since buying her first home just a month before Millie came into her life. And making room for poochie without sacrificing style is an ongoing challenge, though her style (and mine) are nowhere near the high end where these designers and their dogs dwell. @bohosusan
House policy for Hutton Wilkinson’s West Highland Terriers, Piper Dundee and Kippy of the Cavendish, is to mess up the house as quickly as possible so dad can redecorate. Not sure which one is pictured here, but he seems content with his surroundings as is.
But finally, a few weeks back, I bit the bullet and bought the book for Erin as a Christmas surprise. As soon as it arrived, I started reading it and was tickled to find that even a “mostly cat person” who lives quite casually and modestly in comparison, couldn’t put it down. @bohosusan
Bunny Williams’ terrier/poodle mix, Bebe, lounges on an Indian quilt meant to protect the upholstery.

Designers profiled with their dog(s) include such household names (in my house anyway, LOL!) as Jonathan Adler, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Brian McCarthy, Michelle Nussbaumer, Charlotte Moss, Kelly Wearstler, and Bunny Williams, to name just a few. Each profile tells how people and pooches found each other, how they get along in their extreme décor environments, and tips on living the uber-stylish life in tandem. @bohosusan
Martyn Lawrence Bullard and his Wheaten Terrier, Daisy Olympia Green, enjoy tea in their Moroccan-inspired dining niche.

Some owners tell their dog’s story for them, while others step aside to let the dogs wag the tale. The result is a truly delightful mix of the magic that happens when pets capture our hearts, souls, and of course, take over our homes. @bohosusan
Charlotte Moss and her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Buddy, share breakfast in bed, with emphasis on the “bed” part.
Designer Robert Couturier, profiled along with his shih tzus Hercule, Clara, Zazou and Dora, writes a compelling foreward. But it’s champion Hercule who, in that last section, speaks for the rest of the brood and tells the reader favorites—forbidden spots, restaurants and orders, meals at home, places to sleep and walk—as well as pet peeves, most trouble ever gotten into, and special talents. @bohosusan
Brian J. McCarthy’s poodle Mix, Daisy, befriended this Persian lamb Lina chair once she discovered it wasn’t another household pet to compete for affection.

And, of course, there are tons of gorgeous photos inside the private homes of the designers we all love. Thanks go to photographer Stacey Bewkes for the lion’s share of these. @bohosusan
Robert Couturier says his pack of pedigreed shihtzus is welcome anywhere a human would be.

Emerging themes? Dogs rule. They are family members and treated with as much give, take and love as any partner or child. Which, I daresay, is as it should be. @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler’s Foxy Lady, a mixed breed rescue, enjoys lounging around her designer’s home au naturel. Somehow, that seems to me to fit the midcentury modern aesthetic, don’t you agree?

My only question is, how long must I wait before At Home with Designers and Their CATS debuts? One thing’s for sure: It’s probably the cats holding up the show, right?


At least that’s what Millie told me. Isn’t she adorable?


I would have reviewed this book sooner so YOU could order as a holiday gift for the designing dog-lover in your life, but I didn’t want to give away the surprise to Erin and Millie. I only hope that seeing how some pups live doesn’t make yours (and mine) too demanding. That decadent dog’s life can be addictive.

If you want more (& how could you NOT?!!)… @bohosusan
Windsor Smith and her German Shepherd Sur enjoy a quiet moment alone together in her Santa Monica Hills (Calif.) home.
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