Check Out This Scandi/Native American/Boho Home Décor Mashup

Just because you’re drawn to a neutral palette rather than raucous color DOESN’T mean you CAN’T go boho in your home’s decor. Neutrals wow when layered with a boho sensibility in accessorizing.

Me? I could never live with a white sofa and rug or even white walls. I crave the stimulation color brings. But I do admit it’s gorgeous and serene.

Strangely, my daughter is a white freak. How did that happen? Did I over-stimulate her with all my orange, magenta, teal and lime? Possibly, but she’s finally taught me to see a white-filled space differently. I’m not redecorating my own home with it anytime soon (ever), but I have learned to appreciate the space she’s creating in her new home. (When it’s finished, maybe she’ll let me share it on BoHo Home.)

Meanwhile, enjoy this rustic Native American, Scandinavian, very boho home and notice the starring role texture plays in creating interest through the space. @bohosusan
Karl Anderson photo via Gravity Home

One thing I definitely would kill for in here is that coffee table (Indonesian? Indian? Mexican?)—stunning! I’m also envious of the plants. And how ‘bout that bamboo wind chime as wall décor? Now THAT’S clever AND inexpensive! @bohosusan
Karl Anderson photo via Gravity Home

This simple dining area is styled so beautifully. I love the shaggy bag hanging from one chair and the colorful throw draped over another. PLUS, more plants! And check out the cloth napkins!! @bohosusan
Karl Anderson photo via Gravity Home

I used to have some nightstands and a desk chair woven in the peacock style, like this settee. And how cute is that doggy-with-a-feather-headdress pillow? What a sweet spot! @bohosusan
Karl Anderson photo via Gravity Home

The feather headdresses and slatted artwork add a decidedly Native American feel and help link various spaces together. @bohosusan
Karl Anderson photo via Gravity Home

Check out those wall hooks, why-dontcha! They look like the feather fletching found on arrows. How appropriate here, as are the embellished canoe paddles and the dreamcatcher. @bohosusan
Karl Anderson photo via Gravity Home

OKAY!! Finally, here’s the color I’ve been craving. And what better color than ORANGE to make up for all the whiteness? (Which, I remind myself, is lovely too…) Such a beautiful mix of textiles in this room that cash in on the Native American theme. How about those feather pillows in front of the bed pillows? And there’s another doggy with feather headdress on the ottoman (or is it a wolf?). So cute!! @bohosusan
Karl Anderson via Gravity Home

The pendant light is definitely Scandi-styled, but the corn husk wreath says Native American. And that teepee with the howling wolf, fox and peekaboo deer: Is that the bomb, or what?

If you want more… @bohosusan
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