Snuggle-Up(date) for a Sizzling Summer

Ever notice how changing one thing in a room makes you dissatisfied with something else? And before long there’s this endless stream of buying and returning and buying some more?

Typically I don’t change out decor seasonally, but…

I sold a yarn wall-hanging in my Etsy shop that I’d made for our master bedroom.

My aim when I made it was to pull out colors in the Anthropologie Open Market throw you see displayed here on the foot of our bed. But then I wanted to try something else, so I sold it.

The wall remained blank for a while, and I experimented with displaying some of my midcentury modern German pottery on the side shelves while I thought about what to do with the space in between.

Then when I redid my husband’s home office (a.k.a. our guest room), I fell in love with an inexpensive rug at Target that mixed well with the other textiles in the room, turned it into a wall tapestry, and decorated it with vintage West German ashtrays. Read more about that project HERE.

THAT started me looking for a rug that would lend itself to a similar treatment in my master bedroom, and Target came to the rescue again! I’d been collecting vintage German hanging vases, as well as a few more ashtrays, for a yet-unknown use and decided to make an arrangement on this rug. I added faux succulents to the vases, as well as a longer shelf beneath the rug (which I already had) that matched the two on each side, and styled it with more pottery.

I embellished this rug to give it more texture and presence, and I’ll show how I did that in a future post. For now, just know that creating this wall arrangement is what started me on that spiraling path of sprucing up my master bedroom for spring and summer.

Scamming for shams

Here you see new shams, a new throw and a new accent pillow (also a new coverlet, but that’s another story).

I used to have three Euro accent pillows in a patchwork of fabrics that included the wavy midcentury modern stripe you see here. But hubs and I both got tired of moving all those pillows on and off the bed each day.

I wanted to simplify to two king-sized flanged shams, all in the wavy stripe to match the window treatment, but I didn’t have enough fabric. And when I tried to buy more, the supplier found damage on the bolt, and the manufacturer discontinued the pattern.

But I was still mad about that mid-mod wavy stripe. So after some thought, I trimmed my remaining scraps into strips of equal widths . I ended up with two strips that ran vertically and eight that ran horizontally and sewed the strips together into two larger pieces the approximate dimensions of king-sized shams with a vertical strip in the center and two horizontal strips on each side.

That took care of the fronts, but I absolutely didn’t have enough for the backs. Then I fell in love with this velvety ultra-suede upholstery fabric in a bright persimmon orange and used it to make envelope-back shams.

I’ve made envelope shams on here twice now, so maybe I need to do a more detailed tutorial in another future post. Check out the ones I made for the combo home office/guest room HERE.

The orange backing didn’t show as much as I wanted it to, and the predominantly pink throw at the foot of the bed now looked out of place with the other changes.

So commenced the great throw blanket challenge

I really loved that Anthro Open Market throw when I bought it, but now the room and I both needed a change. So I searched and searched for a new perfect throw and came up empty-handed.

That is, until I looked in my own linen closet and rediscovered this woven Karma Living throw I used on the patio last summer. Color- and pattern-wise it was spot on with where I wanted the room to go.

BUT, it wasn’t long enough to span the foot of a king-size bed.

So I put on my thinking cap, inventoried my fabric leftovers, searched through my yarn stash, and VOILA!!

I lengthened the throw by banding both ends in the leftover persimmon velvet, which gave it more play in the room, then added gigantic tassels I made from leftover yarn. Those tassels (18 total!) were killers, but I’m so pleased with how the project turned out. I’ll share specifics in yet another future post.

When pillows talk and then talk back

I still needed to “summer-up” the accent pillows on the two occasional chairs across from the foot of the bed. So I changed out two wintry looking needlepoint ones for these–the Levtex Orange Feather Medallion throw pillow–which I found on Zulily.

While mulling over whether they were the right choice, they sold out. I found them again at Kohl’s, but for twice the price. So I waited for Zulily to restock, ordered immediately, then waited a decade (or so it seemed) for Zulily to actually ship them to me. I love their prices, but oh the wait sometimes!

And then there was the bed accent pillow, which I sweat blood over and still am not entirely thrilled with.

I wanted something fun and fell in love with Anthropologie’s Hermine Van Dijck Looped Pillow. Only it was RIDICULOUSLY priced, so I waited for a sale.

That assuaged my guilt SOME until it arrived, at which time I was–you guessed it–underwhelmed. The colors were washed-out and nothing like the Anthro photos.

But by then I was sick of the whole process. Spring was long past, summer was heating up, and autumn was more than just a blip on the horizon.

I also no longer had any say in the matter, as the Queen of All She Surveys (a.k.a. Maisie-Cat) laid claim to it. She sometimes even curls up on it when it’s on the floor at night. She’s oblivious to color quality and all about comfort, for herself. It is soft.

So that’s that! Hope you enjoyed the tour.

If you want more…

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