Scenes From My Saturday / Happy July 1! @bohosusan


I’m not going to apologize for posting this late. Or for missing last weekend’s post entirely.

Chris and I have worked like crazy people the past couple weeks—me on ebay and Etsy listings, as well as posts, he on client conferences and preparation for a site visit.

So we took Saturday off and puttered around together.

To market, to market @bohosusan

A stop at Staples to buy a new mouse for me—how do you like that racer pink?—followed by a trip to Sam’s Club for printer cartridges, which you can see in the background.

The mouse was on sale for $15, whereas the printer cartridges—one CMY set and two blacks—totaled nearly $100. Wish I’d been the one to think up that idea of cheap printers and ridiculously priced ink cartridges. @bohosusan

On to Oaken Barrel for lunch. Our favorite local brew pub, though neither of us had a beer. Chris did have a reuben and fries. True to my diet, I had a grilled pork tenderloin with no bun, tomato slices, and fruit. My splurge? Caffeinated iced tea. Wow! Am I living dangerously or what? @bohosusan

Wild Birds Unlimited to replenish our feeder and use up the ton of coupons they’ve sent us lately. @bohosusan

Every time we go in there I gush over the stone birdbaths—priced at around $300. No, we did not bring one home, but I’m still hoping.

Strawberry fields forever at Craig Park @bohosusan

Last trip there (Wednesday?) we discovered alpine strawberries growing wild under some pine trees. They were still there today. @bohosusan

You have to look carefully to see them, hidden amid pinecones, walnut shells, and other debris. @bohosusan

I remember picking berries just like these by a roadside with a friend as a kid growing up in Elmira, NY. Then, Gail and I stuffed our mouths and pockets with them! Today, Chris and I left these but told a family we passed on down the path about them. I thought their two young daughters would enjoy looking for them and tasting. @bohosusan

We saw a squirrel along the way, and he (she?), of course, saw us. Think he recognized us from our last visit?

The road less traveled @bohosusan

I couldn’t get over this patch of moss on these tree roots… @bohosusan

…or the lichen on this branch, downed by Friday evening’s storm. @bohosusan

Chris spotted this ID tag on an old utility pole from our former employer, who’s undergone several name changes since. Judging by those alone, the tag’s been here at least 25 years. And maybe longer, judging by the number of woodpecker (BB?) holes.

We walked from the lower northern edge of the park to the upper southern boundary, where our favorite bench sits. @bohosusan

I can see we’re not alone in our preference. @bohosusan

This walnut lay prostrate nearby, with what, to me, seemed like a goofy smile. Maybe it got into the Admiral Nelson’s? @bohosusan

Chris spotted this little critter, scuttling toward our feet. Perhaps he heard there was a party? @bohosusan

Rum or no, you gotta admit the view from this bench across the horseshoe pits is intoxicating. The canopy of walnut branches over our heads was pretty spectacular, too. @bohosusan

For the first time, we decided to walk the distance across and see what our bench looks like from the other side. I couldn’t have done this a year ago, but today it didn’t even wind me. Almost there! @bohosusan
 Had we never gone we wouldn’t have seen how tree roots have given this bench octopus tentacles. @bohosusan

The elevation here is lower. Can you make out our favorite bench back across the horseshoe pits? (Hint-hint: It’s near the back center, tucked under those three trees. @bohosusan
 We also found some beechnuts downed by the storm. Can’t think whether I’ve ever seen a beechnut before. Well, cross that one off my bucket list! @bohosusan

And I couldn’t help but notice the sunlight peeking at us through the trees.

And the trees said… @bohosusan

Enmeshed relationship. Parent and child probably. @bohosusan

Happy family, like an item on a Chinese restaurant menu: two parents, three kids. But which is which? Or who is whom? While you’re thinking it over, look at what’s coming. @bohosusan

These two pair are a definite study in opposites. @bohosusan

This couple is just falling in love… @bohosusan

…while this one is growing apart. @bohosusan

Yikes!! It’s worse than I thought—they’ve already split!

Home again, home again @bohosusan

Now for my mid-afternoon iced mucho mocha, skinny style. That’s decaf coffee, chocolate protein powder, and Walden Farms calorie-free, gluten-free, fat-free (guilt-free) chocolate syrup. Yummm. @bohosusan

Time to catch a few rays and rest up for the fireworks. Whew! What a day!!

Here’s hoping the small surprises find you.

 x o x o, Susan

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