Scandi Boho Home Puts the Kibosh on Black, White & Sterile

I’ve often wondered what a Scandinavian take on boho home décor might look like, and this home near Bergen, on Norway’s southwest coast, answers my question. It’s full of color, memories, and a mix of new and used, all thoughtfully collected to tell the story of the bohemian dweller within—who, BTW, has a terrific sense of humor! @bohosusan

I’ve always thought it was a shame to leave all those cute plush faux animal heads for nurseries and toddler rooms and give us adults cardboard, plastic and wire. I so love it that this homeowner snagged this furry pony for herself and added a feather headdress for an extra dollop of attitude.

And who would have thought peony buds would make such a fetching bouquet, but they do! @bohosusan
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I’m crushing on the curvy-legged library table standing in for a low-life coffee table, the retro green-printed chairs overlaid with fuzzy furs, the Moroccan leather pouf, AND the colorful rug. This space is unique. This space says home, yet it still reflects a Scandinavian aesthetic.

I look at a LOT of room photographs, and many reflect the minimalist Scandinavian style so popular now. Many Scandi homes are done only in black and white, and maybe shades of gray, and so many of them look alike to me—all sterile. I know a lot of people love this style, and I’m all for living with what you love. But if you love this style, differentiate your space in some way, like this homeowner does. If you don’t want color, get some dynamite black-and-white art, a signature chair or cupboard, a weird collection—something that gives the room layers, something that says who lives there. @bohosusan
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The kitchen is small, but the owner has managed to fit in a lot of functionality and some personality, too, with the cobalt blue pendant, the storage tins on top of the cupboards, and that race-car-red mixer. @bohosusan
Rom123 via Planete Deco

And oh that dining room! It’s ALL attitude, and I love it. That photograph from an obviously warmer clime heats the entire space and might even melt a glacier. You can’t help but look at that cigar-smoking Caribbean boho mama and smile. @bohosusan
Rom123 via Planete Deco

Colorful floral wallpaper draws you into the stairwell, where all available space has been utilized either for storage or display, and down toward the bedroom on the lower level. I love the three-pronged floor lamp posed there, like a butler, showing you the way. @bohosusan
Rom123 via Planete Deco

I do think that’s Marie Antoinette with a splat of pink paint over her face, holding court over the bed. And you know me—I’m a sucker for kantha quilts, particularly this one with the well-placed patches in the same shade of raspberry as the splat on MA’s face! The graphic wall paper makes for a nice backdrop of pattern in a small room with few furnishings. Together, all the elements speak to this homeowner’s well-tuned sense of humor AND style.

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