Renter Uses ‘Whim Method’ to Bring Boho Decor to Her Oslo, Norway, Home

This renter kept most of the ubiquitous white walls that came with her Oslo, Norway, apartment, but put her own boho decor stamp on pretty much everything else. And the results are more than spectacular; you could actually call them “cinematic,” since the building she lives in was a former movie theatre. @bohosusan
 Birgit Fauske

Kirsti Kristofferson (not to be confused with Kris Kristofferson, who is no relation) bought the purple couch, which sets the space’s wacky vibe, secondhand for the equivalent of $176. The yellow floor lamp, at around $350, was the most expensive item in the apartment. @bohosusan
Birgit Fauske

“The pink lines on the wall are the first thing people ask about when they come inside the door,” Kristofferson says. She saw the idea on Pinterest and put her own twist on it, running the line throughout the space’s 323 square feet. “Sometimes I would get inspired in the middle of the night.” @bohosusan
Birgit Fauske

In the bedroom she added color to one wall. “I saw this color in an interior magazine and knew I just had to have it on at least one wall. “To paint the floors black was something I had always dreamed of, so when I moved just did it,” she said. “It’s incredibly inconvenient, but it is at least easy to see when I have to vacuum.” @bohosusan
Birgit Fauske

She painted this old cabinet black before moving here, “but it got a bit boring.” So inspired by a photo in a magazine, she gave it the splatter treatment—an example of her “whim method” of decorating that worked.

“Although my apartment might look carefully planned out, there is little that is. And nothing really matches here, but it’s very me.”

And very boho, I might add. @bohosusan
Birgit Fauske

Kirsti works in the television industry and sometimes brings home a few props, like this flamingo left over from an industry party.

She often revitalizes items she finds online and at flea markets, but recommends against searching for specific items. “It’s too time-consuming and tiring. I prefer just to stumble onto things.” @bohosusan
Birgit Fauske

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