Project 62 Tricks Out Boho Menswear Redo

Thank goodness Target introduced its Project 62 line late last summer so I’d have it to shop from NOW for my guest room/home office refresh!


I’m forced to confess that when this line launched I was MIA, blog-wise, building my Etsy and ebay businesses.

Project 62 Tricks Out Boho Menswear Redo - dining room

So my first look at it comes only with my most recent excursion into my home’s improvement.

Project 62 Tricks Out Menswear Boho Redo - rugs

I’ve found LOTS for my project at Target, and most of it is labeled Project 62 which, of course, got me curious.


Target’s tagline for the brand is “Modern pieces for everyday living.”


Though some items are not new to Target but have been rebranded under the Project 62 label, many items are new and oh-so-full-of midcentury-modern-boho-chic appeal.

Project 62 Tricks Out Boho Menswear Redo - living room 4

What caught my eye as I browsed individual listings was the additional description that the line celebrates 1962–when Modernist design peaked and moved into homes across the US.


It was also the year Target was born, not coincidentally, I’m sure, to choosing 1962 as the focal point.


Anyhoo, I was six years old in 1962 and remember clearly the design lines of my childhood home interior.


A mere 46 years later (!!!), my home is filled with midcentury modern repros, as well as vintage accessories from that period.


I don’t let it get too kitschy in here, but SOME of this style is majorly comforting to this baby-boomer.


I confess, it makes me feel young again.


And, perhaps most importantly, it’s just plain fun!


You can’t argue that this pup looks ready for fun!

My Project 62 buys

First up were these menswear-styled sheets, regularly priced at $45 but often on sale for less. They’re 300-thread-count sateen, compared to West Elm’s Organic Washed Cotton Striped Sheet Set, only 200-thread-count and ridiculously priced at $129.

I haven’t washed and used them yet, but I’ve always had good luck with Target sheets, fit-, care- and wear-wise.

One of these hexagon mirrored shelves will find its way into a guest room/home office wall arrangement I haven’t shown you yet. It also comes in black without the mirror.

I PLANNED to buy one of these triangle wall shelves in gold as well, for the same arrangement, but they sold out overnight. Literally. I went to bed with them in my online cart and woke the next morning to order and find them gone. Everywhere.

The black is still available, though it’s mirrored and lacks a second shelf, but maybe I’ll get it instead. What do you think–leave it black and mix with other gold elements in the arrangement (there is black elsewhere in the room) or spraypaint gold to match the hexagon? Sure would like that extra shelf to display more pretties on, though…

The dangling wall sculpture reminds me of a similar one Target carried in its Nate Berkus collection last year. It’s just $18.99, and the cool, small-scale sunburst mirror is a steal at $6!!

I considered these items as well…

The marble and brass shelf got mixed reviews for quality. I looked at it in-store, and while I thought the quality was fine, it was heavy and stuck out too far for my use. That cute little diamond mirrored dangly, however, I wish I’d ordered. Another $6 steal, alas, it’s NOT in stores and you must order at least $25 to get it shipped.

And these are pretty cool, too…

If you want more…

That is, actually, how I spent my Valentine’s Day afternoon. So while that’s great, yes, I do want MORE myself. I’m hoping that office redo I’m redoing for MY sweetie will an investment toward that end. But here’s a start on more for all of you:

  • Follow the (affiliate) hover links in this post to shop for products pictured.
  • Browse the Project 62 home page on the Target website to tour various room solution sets, watch a video by style expert Emily Henderson (this link takes you to her blog), see what’s trending, and access ALL Project 62 products.
  • Check out the Project 62 store-within-the-store at your local Target. At mine, it’s set up as a room set within the housewares area.
  • Follow my progress from inspiration to–exasperation? desperation? consternation? No–COMPLETION as I refresh our home office/guest room: Suit Up for Menswear Boho Chic x 12, and “For My Valentine: ‘Mad Men’ Boho Chic” Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Stay tuned next week for more progress on the home office/guest room front. Doubtless you’ll see some of these Target finds in action.
  • In the meantime, since Target shopping makes me feel younger, perhaps you’d enjoy a second look at all these goodies serenaded by a favorite version of a favorite song of mine guaranteed to do just that…

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