Pink, Orange, Blue and Green Color a Bright Boho Christmas

Just looking at this blogger’s boho holiday home decor in the December newstand version of Better Homes and Gardens cheered me up so much I may forget about decorating my own place and glance back at hers every now and then.

Stacey Blake blogs under the banner of Design Addict Mom, and we all should be so consumed by color.

Orange a-go-go

Her orange living room sofa shatters the rule of keeping larger furniture neutral. “Orange is my favorite color,” Stacey says. “I say go for whatever works for you or your room.”

And this sofa clearly works. I love how she’s paired it with wall paint in complementary blue, but a softer shade, so that it’s the orange that takes center stage. And the pink, blue and yellow pillows on the sofa pick up the color of the paper trees on the mantel. Follow the link for a tutorial on how to make folded paper trees.

A tree of their own

Stacey converted her seldom-used dining room into a bustling playroom for sons Zion (pictured), 6, and Ian, 3. The smaller tree in the playroom is theirs to decorate as they please, and I am loving the colorful paper chains.

Husband Andre’s contribution to the decorating involves intricate drawings on the room’s chalkboard wall. You can catch a glimpse of a Bethlehem and “three kings” scene behind Stacey above and to the right in the photo below.
And don’t miss how she’s reversed the color palette in this room: The orange has taken to the walls in a softer, peachier way, while the blue in the area rug is beefed up navy-style.

‘Grow’ your own wish list

After the traditional trees go up, Stacey takes on her annual project of making an inexpensive, simple alternative tree. Yes, you guessed it: This one is made of colorful sticky notes. That idea is certainly a keeper; and just think, you can write your Christmas wish list right on the tree, where hubby and kids are sure to notice!

It takes a village

Stacey downloaded this cut-and-fold, count-down-to-Christmas village on Mr. Printables. Each day Zion and Ian claim the treats she hides inside.

Rebel with a cause

“I might be a rebel when it comes to color,” she concludes. “I can’t remember the last time I did red and green at Christmas. I’m all for making new traditions.”

Does that rainbow-sherbet wing chair she’s sitting in count? I’m loving the stripes on the outside and the yummy pink inside. I just may be updating my own color scheme, for Christmas and beyond.

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