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I debuted a new recurring feature yesterday—Way to Go BOHO, which gives you the lowdown on one great boho room, including what makes it boho, how to get the look, and where to find the stuff. Watch for more of these one-room wonders!

I know, I said yesterday would be an update on my master bath reno, but I’ve delayed that so there will be more to see. Just a hint: Tile is being laid as I write this!!

That said, here are the fun and newsy must-reads I read this week and thought you’d enjoy…



People Who Curse a Lot Have Better Vocabularies Than Those Who Don’t, Study Finds, Science Alert


Told ya’ so. Follow the headline link for study results. The video is just for fun!



Star-Studded Design TV Coming in 2016: Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent, Gabrielle Union & More, Apartment Therapy


The Man Who Recorded, Tamed and Then Sold Nature Sounds to America, Atlas Obscura

Syntonic Research


Hidden Murals and Stunning Fireplaces: Inside the Renovation of an 18th Century French Château, Vogue

Château de Gudanes

A Castle in Normandy, Desire to Inspire

Elodie Sire/D.mesure

{GUESS: One job I’ve had, the other I WANT!!}

How a 9-Year-Old Crime Reporter Covered a Homicide and Stole My Heart, Chicago Tribune

Mathew Lysiak/Washington Post

‘I Eat 250 Ice Creams a Day’—Professional Food Tasters Tell Us About Their Jobs, VICE Magazine

VICE Magazine



A Travel Guide to the 10 Happiest Countries in the World, Vogue

Food Toronto
They’re called “Moo Frites” and you don’t even have to leave dry land to get them.

This Summer, Add Staying at Julia Child’s French Home to Your Travel List, Popsugar Home

Cote d/Azur
Only $590 a night!


Cook, doodle, color, tie and chop!

Design Lovefest
1. Peanut Banana Mini-Pies, Design Lovefest
The Hunted Interior
2. Spotted IKEA Rast Dresser, The Hunted Interior
Design Sponge
Design Atelier


The tour’s cool, but what really caught my eye were those letters shaped from Reader’s Digest Condensed Books—the best repurposing of these I’ve seen to date. There’s no tutorial, but I’m guessing it involves a straight edge, and a jigsaw. C’mon, admit it: You’ve always wanted to mess with power tools. What would you spell out?


Melissa McCarthy Blows Jimmy Fallon Away in Tonight Show Lip-Sync Battle, The Today Show

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Follow the headline link to read the story and watch the full video, then follow my blog with Bloglovin.

That’s it until Monday. Enjoy whatever spring looks like where you are!


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