ON FLEEK / What’s Hot in Home Decor? Depends on Who You Ask

The end of one year and the start of another always sparks a plethora of features on blogs and television and in the print media reviewing the year ending and predicting what will be hot in the next.When the focus is interior design, there are as many opinions as people to ask. So I thought I’d introduce my new (sometimes) weekly trend feature, “On Fleek,” with a digest of design trend reports collected from the blogosphere.

Don’t get hung up by “On Fleek,” okay? It’s just millennial hipster for “on point,” or “important.” And in this case, it’s a late baby-boomer (me) trying on some younger lingo (and differentiating my brand in the process, I hope). I don’t know about you, but I get kind of tired hearing the word trend or trendwatch or trending. It needed some re-envisioning and JAZZ!

After all, there really isn’t much of anything truly new under this aging sun. Everything waxes and wanes in popularity, either because people are easily bored, or because manufacturers and retailers need to change things up to keep making money. Most likely, both. I admit my own part in the game: I’m a sucker for something pretty, shiny, and new to me, especially at a good price.

So here’s a dozen ways of looking at what’s on fleek. Read through all the opinions, let the photos inspire you, take the ideas you like, and forget the rest. Whatever anyone says about what’s hot and what’s not, the only certainty is, it will change. The key is to find what you love, because when it comes to your boho home, yours is the only opinion that ultimately counts.

Inside Out: Kit Kemp’s Style Predictions

Simon Upton

I’m a big KK fan, and I happen to think she sets trends based on her aesthetic sense and her journey, while others follow. So these five guidelines should stand you in good stead as well as give you plenty of room to bring your own identity to the fore in your home.

Need some more inspiration? Here’s a tour of Kemp’s London townhouse (the above photo was taken from it), so you can see how the master lives. Plus, she has two books you’ll love, one just out in fall 2015.

Buy her books here:

25 Design Trends Coming to Homes Near You in 2016
9 Kitchen Trends to Watch for in 2016

With 25 whole-house and lifestyle trends, you’re bound to find something in this post not discussed elsewhere, from the increasing prevalence of toilet-bidet combos in new construction to tech-free family rooms to bringing outdoor fabric indoors (above). The kitchen article covers that hearth-at-the-center-of-the-home room and shows, mainly, how the trend is high function but a less-is-more look. Houzz seldom disappoints.

Interior Design  Design Forecast: 10 Trends to Watch for in 2016

West Elm

Read this one for its interesting taxonomy of trends–names like “Design Detox,” “Rough Luxe,” and “Tailored Materiality” (that’s it depicted in the photo), It also includes some not-so-sexy functional trends, such as “Retro Tech,” “Agile Planning” and “Seamless Functionalities.” Definitely some info here you won’t read elsewhere.

Dot & Bo:
2015 Design Trend Recap: Which Was Your Favorite?
Our Trend Predictions for 2016


These trend reports focus more on themes than specifics, much like the online retailer’s store departments. However, D&B always help you shop whatever advice they share with specific product recommendations from stock on hand. That is, you get to see what they mean whether you buy in or not. The site is a TERRIFIC source for midcentury modern, modern, industrial, and Bohemian furniture and accessories.

Between the two posts you’ll learn:

  • 6 trends that came into their own in 2015 and were still popular at year-end.
  • 2 Trends to Say Good-bye to (sorry, Mad Men fans)
  • 4 Here-to-Stay
  • 4 Welcoming In

Dot & Bo is a membership-only site, but membership is FREE. You only pay if/when you buy. And here’s an insider tip: Though everyday prices can be on the high side, they run GREAT sales. If you join through my link, if and when you do actually buy something, I get a store credit. And once a member, you can invite friends and earn credits yourself.

I thank you in advance for using my link to join:

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Apartment Therapy:
A Look Back at Our Favorite Trends of 2015
5 Decorating “Trends” That Just Keep Going and Going
Everything Old is New Again: 5 ‘New’ Trends That Aren’t Really New at All
Design Forecast: What’s Hot for the Home in 2016

Dimore Studio
AT’s posts follow similar approaches as Dot & Bo’s (minus the shopping) and detail:
  • 8 trends still hot from 2015
  • 5 gathered from noted bloggers
  • 5 “new” trends and their antecedents
  • 6 that will come into their own this year.

What I like most about Apartment Therapy is it features real people living in real homes they decorated themselves, who say what works for them, what they love, and why. There’s also a fun mix of lifestyle and design news, both quirky and serious. AT added to its stable of books with a new release last fall.

Buy Apartment Therapy books here:

Popsugar: Pinterest Announces the Hottest Home Trends of 2016
Pinterest: The Pinterest 100 for 2016


The Popsugar post summarizes the 10 home décor trends found on the broader Pinterest 100 pin board. If you have a Pinterest account, you can follow the P-100 board and get updates throughout the year on trending pins.

Which makes me wonder how legit these are as trends per se. being as they’re simply the photos users have repinned most. I know I’m not alone in pinning lots of recipes, for example, that I will never make. And the interior photos I pin are mostly blog possibilities. An easy browse anyway.

Luxpad: Interior Design Trends 2016: Top Tips from the Experts


This comprehensive and well-illustrated post breaks trends down into four categories:

  • Materials
  • Color
  • Texture and pattern
  • Room design

Instead of a vast and rambling narrative, the post lists seven or eight quotes in each section from interior designers and design bloggers. The big surprise here (not!) is they don’t all agree. One says rose gold metallic is on its way out, while another says it’s just heating up, and a third says it’s all in the metal mix, and so on.

Which goes to show, there’s lots of opinion to go around and really no right or wrong. As I said before: when it comes to your house, your opinion is the one that matters most. (I happen to have picked up some nifty rose gold accessories on sale over the holidays, which I plan to enjoy for a while yet, no matter what anyone in-the-know says.)

Vogue: The 8 Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2016

Karen Radkai
Another roundup of quotes from various names, who do a bit of name-dropping themselves. This is a quick brush of what stands out most to these particular people–designers/authors Justina Blakeney, Maria Brito, and Jonathan Adler, for example, as well as several A-list decorators and retailers. Worth the read because it’s short and also touches on some specific trends not mentioned elsewhere.


Buy books by these designers here:

Lark & Linen: My Favorite Design Trends for 2016

Lark & Linen

Interior Designer Jacquelyn Clark draws her favorites from trends noted at a House and Home design event, as well as her own observations and preferences. She provides one or two photo examples of each favorite, with leanings toward a casual, functional aesthetic attainable at most budgets. Call this post “trends for the rest of us.”

Shaw Floors: MegaTrends 2015

Shaw Group

This article appeared in fourth quarter 2015 and notes four trends holding their own at year-end. It appeared on the floor manufacturer’s website as “non-branded material,” and seems objective enough. Only one of the trends actually relates to floors, though not exclusively, and it was mentioned in several other posts. Worth a quick look, especially for the stunning photographs.

Cote de Texas: Trends for 2016—Do You Care?

Designer Joni Webb explains that a trend cycle in interior design can’t be tied down to just one year; the cycle is more like five to 10. She also offers photographic evidence of how what goes around comes around, discusses how some designers remain true to an aesthetic while others morph, and even questions what some designers are doing.

Her style on this post is somewhat stream of consciousness, but there’s a whole history of design in it, along with humor, keen insight, and some really elegant photos. Don’t miss it.

Linda Merrell Decorative Surroundings
Trend Report: Leopard Print Overload?

This is a compelling post by interior designer Linda Merrell that considers the ephemeral nature of some trends, then focuses on one trend only and analyzes its possible over-saturation in the larger pop culture.

I end with it because Merrell also ended with this impish Audrey Hepburn photo. After all, who could be more sophisticated than Audrey? After detailing everything from leopard sofas to leopard brioche to Khloe Kardashian’s leopard obsession, Merrell concludes, “And now for a much needed palette cleanser.”




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