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I did a post on message décor in the early months of this blog because I thought its quirk-factor dovetailed with boho. Then last year I remember reading in some important magazine that it was on its way out, only to read in another important magazine recently that it’s hot again. All of which goes to show how fickle trends and trend reports are, possibly including this one.

For what it’s worth, what makes message décor I’m seeing today more sophisticated than your everyday, mass-produced sign art is:

  1. Medium—Neon lights, retro light boxes/bulletin boards with interchangeable letters, magnetic Scrabble tiles, free-form or stenciled lettering, collage cut and paste, washi tape, chalkboards, pillows and plates.
  2. Context—The message takes on additional meaning because of placement within a certain room or near a particular object.

I’m guessing boho diehards pay scant attention to trends anyway. And since, as Voltaire says, reading is one of only two amusements that will never do harm, you all should enjoy these incredible NEW examples I’ve found of how people let their homes speak their minds.

Read on!

For affirmation, of a sort

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Sandra Rojo photo / AD

Whether a message for the homeowner or a guest, it’s always good to hear. And I like the composition of this vignette with the apple, which in itself has a dual meaning: an apple for the teacher OR the apple in the garden of Eden. Should you bite?

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
S. Swalwell photo / Inside Out

Sometimes it’s not enough to hear we’re good; we have to be reminded to accept the goodness in ourselves. Not sure what the coiled, snakelike orange object is below-left of the sign, but it brings a “forbidden fruit” context to this vignette as well.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Bart Brussee photo / vtwonen

What a great affirmation to get you through a workday! The stenciled version right next to the smaller, taped-up version is interesting—as if to show that getting down to business made the temporary permanent.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Sköna Hem

Dare I say, something we all need to remind ourselves of?

For advice and reassurance

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Tessa Neustadt photo / Homepolish

Glad someone is. Wish I had one.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Via Think Decor / Tumblr

Reminder for photographer and subject alike.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Via Design at Sketch

A perfect message for a well-designed, assymetrically nuanced room. This room is so perfect it makes me want to tear it up.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Adam Helbaoui photo / Design Therapy

Because if it isn’t, whose place have I crashed in?

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Via Gravity Home / Tumblr

Is this meant for a partner, a guest, or one’s self? One-two-three, cha-cha-cha!

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Anna’s Pocket-Sized Retreat / Apartment Therapy

Hand-done, which adds to its meaning, and brings us to…

As potty humor

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan

It’s hard not to roll your eyes at a “Keep Calm and…” sign, but this one flushes trite right down the you-know-what. Thank you, context, which here includes a narrow and claustophobic powder room and perhaps the need for Xanax.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Raca Architekci / Stylizmo

I love how the backward message shows up in the mirror correctly and vice versa!

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Nikitin Violetta & Filippova Ioannina

So true, except the water here looks a bit murky, which I find disturbing.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Via Etsy

This one would work in the bedroom just as well, but maybe it would be too obvious there. You decide. Speaking of bedrooms…

As foreplay

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Carina Olander photo

Love THIS message paired with these Freudian-shaped, prickly cacti!

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Tjitske van Leeuwen / vtwonen

We? Oui! WHOA!!

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Skeppsholmen Sotheby’s International Realty

But will you get it all being so obvious?

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Via vk.com

This one could have gone under “affirmations,” but since it’s in the bedroom I wondered if it had another meaning.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Jessica Giesey / Design Sponge

Go ahead, try! You won’t have much luck unless you try the flip side, which is where the taped letters have been applied. Ha!

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Dustin Halleck / Design Milk

Not so sexy, but still inviting. I love the simple composition of the three-letter word against all those books filled with words.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
JJ Locations

A great night-lite, don’t you agree?

As foreplay, but not IN the bedroom

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Archivo LIVING

After all, love happens in other places, too.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Via The Decorista

I’m trying to imagine how I might have felt about seeing a sign like this as a young, single woman visiting a beau for the first time. Depends on the beau, I suppose.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Jeroen van der Spek

This one is just sweet.

To honor favorite song lyrics

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
One Girl Interiors / Desire to Inspire

The song is, of course, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I find it interesting that the room is the opposite of rainbow-colored, so it must be “Kansas.” And why is the message embroidered and displayed in an embroidery hoop? Think on that one.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Woman’s Day

These laser-cut song lyrics are what they say, and the room sings a rowdy backup.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan

“The Waters of March,” by Brazilian Antonio Carlos Jobim, is one of my favorite songs of all time. I would LOVE having it on a wall in my home. Do you think they make the song in a stencil?

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Micky Hoyle photo / Revista AD

Anyone who came of age in the 1970s will identify with this shout-out to Neil Diamond. I love the unique lettering and the addition of fun hats overhead.

As social commentary

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Louis Lemaire photo / VT Deco

There’s certainly love, peace and harmony in this vignette. The letters look like Scrabble tiles with magnets applied, stuck to a vintage tray or baking pan. Magnetic poetry would work, too, and just about any flat metal object would serve as a base. Plus, you can change up the message whenever the mood strikes!

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Csaba Barbay photo / Home Adore

Well, many things are just that, ODD, no ‘splaining possible. Interestingly, this message is paired with a drying mat that looks like a lawn, as well as a few other idiosyncratic pops. Can you find more oddities?

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Lauren Kolyn / Apartment Therapy

The least trite beachy décor I’ve ever seen. Profound even, if you ponder a bit on the other items in the vignette.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Jason Loper / Apartment Therapy

That’s life!! Now say this over five times, really fast.

As work inspo

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Spicer + Bank

“Cool your jets” was the mantra of my childhood. Can’t remember how many times I said it or it was said to me. And now that I’m in my sixth decade, I know the twist on the phrase in this photo to be true as well. So get as much done as you can while you’re young; it eventually takes longer and longer.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Hannah’s Quality Cool Life / Apartment Therapy

This is more the mantra I need to move me into high gear these days.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Emma Fiola / Apartment Therapy

Can’t argue with science OR Beyonce, right?

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Katie Hodges / via Spicer + Bank

So true. Lots of sucky stuff to be discarded along the way to great.

Speaking of creativity, as ART!

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Sara Medina Lind / Skona Hem


www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Via Planete Deco

A full poem, though I’m not sure what it means. But that’s good, isn’t it? For pondering, I mean.

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
Marie Claire Maison

A barbed homage to Réne Magritte. So is this the equivalent of the “Go Away” gnome I have by my front door?

www.BoHoHome.com @bohosusan
HGTV Magazine

Time for you to come up with your OWN message décor. But as you do, ponder why the “w” is lowercase and “RITE” is all caps.

Until next time…

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