My Search for the Perfect Boho Pouf @bohosusan

Don’t you just love to say pouf? I’m just over-the-top when language sounds like what it means AND it’s also really fun to pronounce.


All that aside, I’m in the market for the perfect boho pouf for my midcentury-modern/boho-chic living room. Chris and I recently traded in two ratty clubs chairs with matching ottomans for two new, nonmatching mid-mod chairs sans ottomans. Lessons learned include never buy bonded leather, and never buy any kind of leather or vinyl if your cat has intact claws.

We actually bought these chairs and ottomans for our bedroom in our previous house but have used them in the living room since we downsized to our condo five years ago. We probably had them a good five years there, where two cats with no claws did no damage to them. So I suppose they don’t owe us anything.

Hubs was the driver for these chairs (yes, I’m laying blame). I’ve never liked their stickiness in warm weather and their slipperiness the rest of the year. They also put my back at an uncomfortable angle, even with a pillow for support. @bohosusan
Susan Lawson photo / BoHo Home

Since Maisie-Cat and her claws joined our household—about six months after moving into the condo—the chairs went south fast. Don’t let the innocent look she has in this photo fool you. This was taken several years ago, and you can already see the havoc she’d wreaked, particularly on the corners, if you look closely.

Originally we planned to have these chairs reupholstered in kitty-proof Crypton fabric (read about our experience with Crypton), but we gave up that idea when we realized it would cost more than we paid for them. And since they aren’t that well-built and even less comfortable, why throw more money at them?

Anyway, we now have two new midcentury modern chairs, which are intact so far (two weeks for one and five days for another) thanks to a scratch-inhibiting spray I found. I’ll post a reveal of the entire living room once everything’s in place and give you an update on how that spray’s working for us. In the meantime, instead of the two clunky, always-in-the-way ottomans we gifted to Goodwill, I now need just ONE pouf to prop my knee on at night while I watch TV.

I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun shopping for something as this pouf!

There are so many beauties out there I just have to share a few… @bohosusan
Urban Outfitters / Anthropologie

Moroccan wedding blankets being all the rage in home decor, several retailers have reinterpreted the style in poufs. Urban Outfitters’ Moroccan Coin Pillow Pouf (left) takes on a round shape, while Anthropologie’s Moroccan Wedding Pouf (right) is rectangular. @bohosusan
Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware sells both shapes and does the competition one better by offering the traditional ivory version or a trendy black one. I love the woven trim on the rectangles, but that round one in black rocks its silver bangles, don’t you agree?

If you like that black-tie look, West Elm has two more handcrafted offerings. @bohosusan
West Elm

Its Triangle Shag Pouf is wide and squat, while the Loop Mix Pouf is tall and slender. I like that tall and slender silhouette for my space. It gives me a bit more height to elevate my left knee (which is shot and headed for replacement), doesn’t take up so much floor space, and will be easier for me to move around.

But I’m a color gal—my new chairs are magenta and aqua, after all—so not sure black and white will do it for me. @bohosusan
West Elm

Here’s two more from West Elm, this time with color. I like that the Striped Tassel Pouf (left) is an inch taller than the Moroccan Pom Pom Pouf (right). And you’d think its pink tassels would work well with my magenta chair, but I held the pictures up together and didn’t like the combination. It looks a bit too feminine for a living room—at least for MY living room. And those darker stripes in it—green or gray?—didn’t do anything for my bodacious mix of color and pattern.

As for Mr. Pom Pom pouf: At first the navy and light blue made me overlook it, but then I noticed one of the diamond designs on the side was woven in magenta. When I held it up to my magenta chair and some of my other furniture, the whole room burst into song!

Well, not literally, of course. But in my mind’s eye, or ear, or—whatever. It’s the one I’ll likely come back to.

But here are some other beauties that might be singing your song… @bohosusan
West Elm

The Diamond Motif Pouf (left) and the Diamond Shag Pouf (right), both also from West Elm, seem to have reversed names—but no, I got it right. Both are lower than what I’m looking for, and they have too much and too little color, respectively, for my living room. But I love them all the same, and they certainly look soft and cushy! @bohosusan
Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters also has a winner with its shaggy Helena Geo Pillow Pouf. I like the size—19.6 inches square and 19 inches high—but too bad the colors are not quite right for my room. The reddish orange and brown would never do next to my magenta throne.

Not exactly poufs, but possibilities @bohosusan
Cost Plus World Market / Target / Ebay

I also considered these stools, but height was an issue with World Market’s Bajot Stool (left). The Safavieh Oriana Ottoman, available at Target, was just too glam for my down-to-earth digs, but it’s darned cute, isn’t it? It reminds me of a drum major’s hat! And the Artisan Stoolja, which I found on Ebay, hit the mark on color (I prefer the black) and size, but I just couldn’t sell myself on the look of legs next to a chair that also has distinctive exposed legs. @bohosusan
Pottery Barn Kids

Given the popularity of the Lalanne sheep, the Monique Lhuillier Lamb Tuffet from Pottery Barn Kids could have been a distinct possibility. Ever since my nursery rhyme days I’ve wanted to sit on my tuffet, haven’t you? This little guy is so furry cute that I could overlook the exposed-leg issue. And at $59.99 the sale price is right (regular $149, but still a year’s paycheck less than a Lalanne). But alas, this faux fur lambchop, at 14 inches high, is a bit too low for my propping needs.

It does have nice little handles for ears, which is very utilitarian, but Maisie-Cat and I would be fighting over its furry pelt I fear. So I’ll pass, but there’s no need for you to miss out. The website description says “Age 2 and up,” so why not?

What you don’t see here… @bohosusan
Modern Mini Homes / Etsy

No, I didn’t even consider any of those sweet knitted poufs that are everywhere right now because they’re too low to be of any use to me. Yes, I realize they come larger than Barbie size (in fact, I’m surprised to see them this small), but they wouldn’t work unless I stacked them. And while they look cute stacked, they wouldn’t stay stacked during use.

I think they’re much more suitable as floor pillows kids can sprawl on when watching television. That, or pure decoration. But I am considering getting out my Barbies again and ordering some for her. She sure has a lot more accessory options now, that’s for sure.

In the end I keep going back to this pouf  (I got to say it again!) @bohosusan
West Elm

The WE Moroccan Pom Pom Pouf. It’s 16-inches square by 17-inches high, which makes it a half-inch taller than the ottoman it’s replacing. It’s 60/40 wool/cotton, so it should be durable, and it’s handwoven by artisans working in a Fair Trade Certified facility in India. What more could I ask for?

This pouf is so perfect, in fact, that I just ordered it! Can’t wait to see it in the room and give it a test drive, legs up!

Here are some other beauties that might be absolutely perfect for your boho home… @bohosusan
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 Happy shopping! Get yours before it’s



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