More Green With Envy, But in the Bath!

As I pondered how to tie my master bath into the Moroccan style I created in the adjacent bedroom, this studio sgraffito bowl emerged as my inspiration piece. I bought it at a Vintage By Goodwill store last summer to re-selI and eventually co-opted it to hold sundries in my master bath.

But it’s way too beautiful to fill with toilet paper and soap, don’t you think? So I plan to hang it where the beautifully incised inside can be seen through the door connecting the two rooms.

So that it would hang flat against the wall I used an adhesive disc hanger (affiliate link). Application instructions are on the package, and the three-inch size I used will hold up to three pounds securely.

If someday I want to remove it, all I have to do it wet it and it will come off without damaging the bowl surface. Sure, Command strips would do that, too, but I haven’t always had such good luck with them on heavy items and didn’t want to risk the bowl falling off the wall.

And now I can’t wait to bring this entire inspiration board to life!

Back to basics: What stays

Finishes in the room will remain the same. At left is our shower tile, and at right is our flooring tile. The black and satin nickel blocks in the center represent the bathroom cabinet, which we painted black a few years ago, while the satin nickel represents lights and hardware, which have had recent updates as well.

Also unchanged will be the two oriental-patterned rugs–one by the shower and one by the sink. They are a few years old, but still in great condition. They also tie in with the Moroccan style of the adjacent master bedroom. But more importantly, I like them enough to try to incorporate them in the new design.

What’s new?


First up is a new shower curtain. I always used to make mine because I wanted something different, but since we downsized I’ve bought ready-mades and never been satisfied with the results. So this time it was back to giving it my custom touch!

The shower curtain fabric I chose is called Boho Sunshine Palm Leaves on Mustard Green, a design by Julia Schumacher offered on Spoonflower. I thought the mustard background would tie in well with the mustard quilt in the adjacent bedroom. I’ve never used Spoonflower before, which custom prints either your original design or one offered onsite on the fabric you choose, so I’ll be interested to see how it turns out.

I wanted the outer curtain to be washable, since it will be used on a shower stall that used to have a door and will get wet at the bottom, even with a liner. I chose to have it printed on 58-inch-wide lightweight cotton twill. My shower stall is 54-inches wide, so I won’t have to piece it. I ordered three yards to cover the 72-inch long liner and provide a generous heading at top and hem at bottom

I could have ordered a cotton fabric that was cheaper per yard. But because it was narrower in width, I would have needed six yards, and the finished curtain would’ve had a seam up the center. The wider fabric at a more expensive per-yard price ended up being cheaper in the long run.

Printing takes about 10 days to two weeks. My fabric is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Can’t wait to see it up close and personal! I’ve made many a shower curtain before and will do a separate post on the simple how-tos for all of you.

The Company Store

Next up are new towels. I’ve been in love with these Rhythm Towels from The Company Store for ages. Why didn’t I buy them sooner? Well, it would have required redoing my bathroom, and I wasn’t ready.

The Company Store

Besides, they’re pretty pricey, so these are a real splurge for me. I ordered four full-size bath towels and four hand towels. They also come in a bath sheet. However, instead of matching washcloths, The Company Store sells solid-color washcloths in the same 22 colors used in the towels. But I think I can find solid washcloths that will work at a cheaper price.

To me, the TOWELS are the thing. Washcloths I pack in a basket, so different solid colors will look cute and don’t need to be expensive.

It’ll be a while before my final reveal on this room though because the towels are backordered until early December. Worth. Waiting. For. Definitely.

Valspar Garden of Paradise

The vibrant textiles are what drove the wall color decision for me. Initially I thought I wanted the bathroom a different wall color from the bedroom–probably darker. But remember, we anticipated needing two coats there so bought two gallons. That Clark + Kensington paint from Ace Hardware covers so well, we only needed one coat and never even opened that second can!

I immediately LOVED how the green walls brought the shower curtain fabric to life, but I didn’t think hubs would go for it. Too dark, he would say, since the bathroom has no window (even though he, too, likes how the bedroom walls turned out). So I gave him the choice of using up that extra gallon of green or buying a gallon of white. He decided with his wallet, and yes, I suspected as much. Good psychology, right?

I’m still waiting on a date to paint, but got him to buy his tray liners and paint tape for masking over the weekend. I’ll take down art and repair walls this week, so we’re moving in the right direction.

The only other new item in this redo is this clothes hamper (affiliate link). Ours had to be replaced because sweet little Mr. Scout demolished it. This one, in an all-weather rattan, should be sturdier and won’t mildew if you drape a washcloth over it to dry. It comes in several colors, but I chose black to match the bathroom cupboards.

What will be reworked…

I plan to revisit painting this flower wallhanging after other room elements are in place. I do have a magenta basket on the counter I intend to keep, and the towels have magenta in them, so I may leave as is.

But I will most likely spraypaint it bright yellow with black seeds in the center, like a sunflower. Then I’ll age it to let some of the underlying paint show through and soften the overall finish. I’ll do a future post on that process as well.

I’ll also probably reuse some of the other existing artwork in the bath but not sure what yet.

All in all…

This color-rich bathroom plan should tie in boho-beautifully with…

…the adjacent master bedroom, the inspiration for which was…

…this bodacious guest room in the former home of artist Claudio Bravo, in Marrakech, Morocco.

Simple as 1, 2, 3. Stay tuned.

If you want more…

Mister Scout, a.k.a. “Skitter Boy”

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