Mood Indigo + World Market = Boho Classic

Mood Indigo + World Market = Boho Classic - living room

You ain’t been blue–no, no, no–
You ain’t been blue
Till you’ve had that mood indigo.

Duke Ellington’s orchestra debuted “Mood Indigo” in 1930 as an instrumental tune called “Dreamy Blues.” It became an overnight sensation and demanded lyrics, added later by Irving Mills, which prompted the title change.

In similar fashion, Cost Plus World Market’s new Indigo collection is shaking up the world of blue-and-white boho home decor with some definitely dreamy blues of its own. The collection has captured my attention and croons for yours.

Mood Indigo + World Market = Boho Classic - poufs
Cost Plus World Market

Collection color and patterns are inspired by Aizome, a 1,400-year-old traditional Japanese dyeing technique that uses indigo blue dye in paste-and-resist methods, as well as shibori (folding or knotting, as in tie-dye).  Either dyeing process results in a mystical, deep blue hue, which like the jazz standard, can leave you a tad overwhelmed…

That feelin’ goes stealin’ down to my shoes,
While I sit and sigh, “Go ‘long blues.”

Mood Indigo + World Market = Boho Classic - pillows
Cost Plus World Market

Yes, it’s a collection “long” on blues. The pillow selection alone makes pillow-obsessed-me burst into a rhapsody that’s “blue” in color only, if you get my drift.

Mood Indigo + World Market = Boho Classic - bowls
Cost Plus World Market

Traditional Japanese patterns have also been transferred to a variety of dinnerware and serving pieces, all of which play nice with your existing blue and white home decor.

Mood Indigo + World Market = Boho Classic - Asian fusion
Cost Plus World Market

You can even check out the WM blog for some yummy Asian Fusion: Three Recipes for a Japanese Feast. After all, you want to break in your purchases according to tradition, don’t you?

My favorite textiles from the collection

Mood Indigo + World Market = Boho Classic - blue wool pouf
Cost Plus World Market

Top of the list has to be the Indigo Blue Wool Pouf. It wasn’t available when I posted on “My Search for the Perfect Boho Pouf,” or it might be sitting in my living room now. It’s currently on sale for $96 (regular $120). What a steal! 

And these pillows are to-die for, particularly at 20-percent off (regular $30-$40, sale-priced $24-$32).

Light up your world without busting your budget with either of these two beauties on sale for $20 and $12 (plus change), respectively.

Table and beyond treasures

That cute Donabe stovetop hotpot is just the thing for cooking up your Asian fusion feast, but it looks good all on its own for those of us who prefer to order take-out. Then de-stress with the seed kits (love to garden!) or a scented candle. Though I’ve featured only one candle fragrance, three are available, each with a different indigo patterned label and exotic fragrance combo.

All of which leads me a foregone conclusion

The ONLY conclusion any boho gal worth her tie-dye could reach  after browing this collection: That it’s true what the song says…

You ain’t been blue
Till you’ve had that mood indigo.

If you want more…

  • View the full World Market Indigo collection or click on text/gallery-photo links for purchase details on individual featured items.
  • Get serenaded as you shop! Listen to my two favorite versions of “Mood Indigo”–one by the inimitable Ella Fitzgerald and the other by the chairman of the board, Frank Sinatra:

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