Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - family room 1

Boho is always about the mix. In the case of this Greenville, SC, home, vintage hand-me-down furniture of various eras mixes with recent purchases, bright colors, and bold patterns to create a fun, relaxed vibe for a family of four.

Boho is also often about the story. These homeowners inherited many of their vintage pieces from grandparents, but then proceeded to put their own mark on them.

“I’m lucky I inherited the beautiful wood pieces I grew up around,” says homeowner Nina Atkinson. “But that doesn’t mean I wanted to copy my grandmother’s formal style in my house.”

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - exterior, front
HGTV Magazine / Kim Cornelison photo

The Atkinsons bought their 1970s ranch-style home in Greenville, SC, in 2010 and four years later renovated living areas to create a more open floorplan.

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - family room 2
HGTV Magazine / Kim Cornelison photo

Previous owners had already converted the home’s garage into this family room, but the Atkinson’s added the vaulted ceiling and the brick fireplace during their reno.

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - living room closeup
HGTV Magazine / Kim Cornelison photo

The sofa is a new piece, but the vintage coffee table sports a marble top from Georgia Marble, where Nina’s grandfather worked.

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - dining room
HGTV Magazine / Kim Cornelison photo

The dining table and chairs were grandma’s, but Nina upped the boho quotient with pattern. She recovered the seats, added wing chairs upholstered in two different fabrics at either end with a third print on throw pillows, and painted 10-inch-wide stripes on the walls. As a finale, she punched up a new-found antique–the Bernhardt hutch–with a laid-back blue.

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - kitchen
HGTV Magazine / Kim Cornelison photo

The Atkinson’s reno rescued this kitchen from the 1970s and a sea of avocado and black.

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - pantry/laundry room
HGTV Magazine / Kim Cornelison photo

Pantry/laundry room walls feature a painted paper lantern design done with stencils. The red door was the home’s original back door.

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - guest bedroom
HGTV Magazine / Kim Cornelison photo

Nina’s other grandmother contributed the four-poster bed in the guest room. The mix of bold patterns in the room freshen it. I like how the rug pattern is repeated on the bed in a paler color and smaller scale.

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - bathroom
HGTV Magazine / Kim Cornelison photo

The bathroom renovation remained true to a vintage look, but bumped-up to boho with bright green painted mirrors, modern art, and a geometric-patterned rug.

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - teenage girl's bedroom
HGTV Magazine / Kim Cornelison photo

As a teen, Nina used to lounge on what is now her daughter’s bed, while the vanity was originally part of the guest bedroom set. The woven elephant head, as well as the mix of patterned textiles team up for a bodacious boho endgame.

Mixmaster Hand-Me-Down Boho Home - patio
HGTV Magazine / Kim Cornelison photo

The Atkinson’s also extended the roofline of their home to cover the porch, then added a fireplace and a TV. But to make sure the space wasn’t without its vintage nod, they had a carpenter make the swing sweat out of a vintage twin-bed frame.

All told, the home is a delightful boho mix of formal and casual. “I think my grandmother would be proud of how I made her pieces work,” Nina adds.

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