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A brightly colored garland of felted wool balls, pompons, tassels, or beads says boho like nothing else. So why not bring the fun out onto your patio like I did?

You saw my felted wool ball garlands in Saturday’s post about my patio make-do redo. Today’s post will be all about showing you how to make your own.

It’s simple and fast, and I made mine while relaxing at a city park.


Supplies needed:

  • Yarn or jute for stringing—about six feet for each garland (I used Red Heart With Love yarn in Water Lily, to match the tassels on my throw pillows)
  • Felted wool balls, pompons, tassels or beads—about a dozen per garland (I used Darn Good Yarn mirror-beaded balls and threaded balls)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Large-eyed darning needle
  • Measuring tape or ruler

Step-by-step @bohosusan
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Begin by tying a knot to make a hanging loop in one end of the yarn or jute you plan to string the balls onto and organize your balls for the best color distribution. @bohosusan
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Then decide how far apart you want each ball. I settled on four inches, and tied another knot four inches away from the hanging-loop knot. This knot stops the ball when you string it. @bohosusan
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Thread your yarn and push the darning needle through the center of the ball, pulling the yarn all the way through until the knot stops the ball. @bohosusan
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Tie another knot as close to the ball as you can get it. With a knot on each side, the ball will stay in place. @bohosusan
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Measure out four inches from this knot, make another knot, string another ball, knot in place, and repeat. String and knot balls in place individually. If you string them all first, then go back to knot, you’ll find yourself in a bit of a tangle. @bohosusan
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When you’ve strung all the balls, knot the last one in place, measure out four inches, make a hanging loop, and cut off any excess.


Hang and enjoy! @bohosusan
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I used existing nails and hangers already on my house. The longer of the two garlands—the mirrored, beaded balls—I hung from the same hook with the African basket on one end then utilized a screw on the outside of the downspout to snag the other end. The shorter garland—the threaded balls—I hung from the same hook as the bird wind chime, then strung the other end on the same hook as the metal wind chime. @bohosusan
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I draped both garlands in between on a bare hook screwed into my roof overhang. @bohosusan
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Here’s a view from the side. Festive, aren’t they? @bohosusan

I spend as many hours on my patio as weather allows, so I want it to feel like there’s a party going on the whole time, even if it’s only in my head. These garlands help set the mood.

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