Mailboxes Put the Ho-Ho in Boho

Snailmail, as we’ve come to call U.S. Postal Service delivery, has fallen out of favor in recent years. But just so you know: It’s not dead yet, and neither is the metamorphosis of that box on a post at the end of your driveway.

Prior to July 26, 1775, our American colonies had no postal system, and mail was typically sent by commercial travelers to inns and taverns. Today the USPS has more than 40,000 post offices. It delivers over 212 billion pieces of mail annually within the United States and its properties and ships to more than 180 foreign countries.

I may be a couple weeks late in wishing the USPS a happy 240th birthday, but what better way to do so than by celebrating these mailboxes with attitude. Thanks to the quirky minds that conceived them for giving the mailman or woman something to smile about while they make their appointed rounds.

Some can’t stop staring…

…Others have stories to tell

Some come bearing gifts…

…Others have anger issues

Some want to drive us places…

 …Others just want to tag along


Some want to help us with our chores…

…Others have plans of their own

Finally, some are smokin’ hot…

…While others fizzled out long ago

What about your mailbox? Show and tell in the comments.


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  1. I had the same problem, Geri. I am still collecting them for another future post. A friend told me to take a trip down A1A along the Atlantic coast in Florida for more inspiration.

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