Just say I’m Over the Mid-Mod Moon About Orla Kiely’s New FURNITURE Collection

UK furniture-maker Barker and Stonehouse just debuted designer Orla Kiely’s first-ever furniture collection. And like her patterns, it’s midcentury-modern-retro cool.

Not familiar with Orla Kiely? She’s the Irish-born designer referred to as the “Queen of Pattern.” Surely you’ve seen her famous “stem” print around?

It’s found its way onto all kinds of housewares, offices supplies, wallpaper, and mugs, of course!

She first achieved fame, though, as a handbag designer. She and husband Dermott Rowan initially made each bag they sold by hand on their kitchen table. Production is handled a bit differently now, but bags are still an important player in her fashion collection.

Back to that new furniture collection…

There are three sofas to choose from with matching chairs, as well as dining/occasional chairs, benches, ottomans and a bed. Each of the sofas comes with a choice of two scatter pillows in some of Kiely’s most iconic patterns, while the chairs come with one scatter pillow.

There are more color combinations available than those shown here, as well as the buyer’s choice of three wood finishes for each sofa’s legs. Get everything the same or mix it up!

First up is FERN

The Fern large sofa features a fun mix of upholstery colors, all on one sofa body.

And you can get the Fern chair in one of eight solids or mix body and cushion upholstery up, too, for more pow-pow-WOW!

Introducing IVY

The Ivy sofa comes in one of 11 body fabrics.

And her companion chair is available is a choice of eight fabrics.

Live it up with LINDEN

This is the Linden chair, of course, available in five colors of the Linear Stem pattern.

Whereas the Linden companion sofa comes in eight coordinating solids.


You’ll love her options.

First, she comes in this svelte sofa in a choice of 11 colors/fabrics.

Then there’s the Mimosa Snuggler–more than a chair, not quite a loveseat, but just right for you and your partner or your dog (whoever gets there first!) to cozy into. It comes in eight fabrics, and you can mix up cushion and body upholstery choices.

D-d-dumbfounded over Dottie & Donegal

That’s the Dottie bedframe and the Donegal large footstool. The bedframe comes upholstered in one of five colors of Linear Stem on the exterior of the headboard and one of nine solids on the remainder of the bed. Choose from the same prints for the top of the footstool and eight solids for the sides.

Feeling groovy with feet-first footstools

First, there’s Conway, which comes in two sizes, a choice of five colors of the Sixties Stem pattern for the sides, and six coordinating solids for the top.

Then there’s not-to-be overlooked Longford, available in four tones of Velvet Poppy Spot.

Oh, um, and don’t forget UNA!

She’s unmistakably undulating midcentury in a choice of five colors of Sixties Stem for the outside and eight coordinating solids for the inside. Gorgeous!

Ready for more?

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