Houzz Decorating Quiz Lacks Color–Literally and Figuratively

I’m a faithful Houzz follower, but the website’s What’s Your Decorating Style? quiz leaves a lot to be desired.

Many of the choices in this nine-question quiz are oddball at best. I would have appreciated additional options for many of the questions, as well as a “none of the above,” since I found myself thinking the latter more often than not.

No wonder, then, my results came back a bit skewed. I took this quiz on more than one occasion and got up to three different answers, none of which seemed like the real me. First time around I was French Country!, which couldn’t be more au contraire.

I thought at first it was the sunflowers I picked as my favorite flower, but I eventually figured out it was the nightstand question, where NONE of the choices came close for me. My nightstand went with a previous bedroom suite. It’s 25 years old and dinged-up but not refinished or collectible. So next time around, instead of “painted white” I chose what I really wanted, “it’s a new piece,” and the results held true with one exception, which I’ll get to.

Here are my results…

 The one exception:

This inspiration photo is completely devoid of color, which is so NOT me I want to scream. It’s a beautiful room, I agree, but I’d be changing those throw pillows out for magenta, turquoise and lime green before you could shake the sand out of your shoes.

In an effort to rectify the bland factor…

I took the quiz yet a third time and changed my answer on the color question from “watery blues and greens” to “purple and orange is a color, isn’t it?” That should have done the trick, right? But no.

Adjusted results came back:

Serenity IS definitely my goal at home. However, I’ve never owned fine china. I’m an okay hostess, but I don’t really like a lot of visitors. And my tastes in artwork are decidedly edgy.

Once again, the results photo was almost entirely devoid of color. Oh, excuse me: There are little pops of bright orange (against totally white walls, ceilings and furniture–argh!!) and the dining room beyond the living room is dusty lavender. A lovely room? Yes. A room I’d live in? No.

Not my idea of “purple and orange” either.

I tried to remedy this faux pas by now adjusting my art choice from “medium-sized abstract” to “something bright that covers the entire wall” and was back to French Country! again, which blows my nightstand theory.

I give up.

Oh well. It’s only nine questions. What did I expect?

Overall, this quizz didn’t fare so well


  • Quick and easy.
  • Beautiful quality photos to accompany results profile.
  • Cleverly worded choices (I’m reaching here).


  • Choices are cleverly worded at the expense of being too specific.
  • Not enough choices.
  • Questions are worded poorly.
  • Little rhyme or reason to how the quiz arrives at results.
  • Pictures that accompanied questions didn’t relate to the worded choices and only confused matters since you needed to select a worded choice and not a picture. Go figure.

If I had my druthers:

Throw it out and start over. Houzz is too great of a site to weigh itself down with such a negative-value quiz. Readers can go to Buzzfeed or Playbuzz for that. (Don’t worry: Quiz Monday will get to those too.)

Starting now, I’m calling a disappointing quiz a Quizz in honor of Houzz.

Test drive it yourself here, share your journey in the comments, and don’t forget to check back next Monday for another quiz/quizz review.


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