Hey Doll, Welcome to (Doll) House Beautiful

The April/May 2020 issue of House Beautiful took every grownup girly-girl back in time with a feature called Dollhouse Beautiful, where readers get to see what happens when you give 11 designers $500 to decorate the same style dollhouse.

The hard-copy magazine featured four of the 11 dollhouses, but the website carries them all, with number 11 debuting today at noon eastern time. For each dollhouse, there’s a designer-narrated video showing the house in-progress, close-up photos of finished rooms, a background article on the designer, and a “shop the dollhouse” carousel in case you want anything you see in 1/12th miniature for your life-sized home.

The dollhouse pictured in this post is my favorite so far and was done by Jenny Dina Kirschner, founder of Brooklyn-based JDK Designs.

Why do I like this one best? That’s easy. It’s soooo boho and retro and fun. Dig the woven Roman shades on the windows and that stellar light fixture/mobile that fills the two-story entryway.

The master bedroom includes a platform bed Kirschner constructed to match the one in her own bedroom. I love the wild and crazy wallpaper, as well as the detail of the bunny slippers.

And how about the bathroom fixtures? I have an inherited pink bathroom I HATE, but this one is to die for.

And the nursery is just way too cute, from the funky light fixture down to the miniature toys.

Watch the in-progress video for Kirschner’s dollhouse to see it take shape and learn about the inspiration for the items included. It just might convince you to start a new hobby!

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