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I’ve stared at this photo over and over again, ever since first seeing it in Emily Henderson’s book Styled. When I saw it again recently, in one of Henderson’s blog posts, I thought it would be fun to try to shop the look.

David Tsay

It’s the home of designer, blogger and macramé artist Emily Katz. I’ve tried to analyze why it pulls so on my heartstrings. It’s not exactly “me,” though I’d do the textiles and the natural objects in a snap. But I’m at that age when furniture with more support and padding are called for.

I think what keeps bringing me back to it is the evidence of life and lack of pretense that radiates from it. Genuine, real people live here. It’s what Emily Henson in Bohemian Modern calls “anti-styled.” (I promise, that’s the last “Emily” I’ll name-drop.)

I also decided to try to shop this look at just one store, and I chose Target because of the wide array of stylish home furnishings at reasonable prices. I have not been compensated for this post (if only!!). Of course my room won’t look identical to the inspiration room, but if I focus on warm wood tones, ethnic patterns, natural materials, and lots of texture, I should end up with the same feel.

First up: furniture and major accessories

 / 1 /    / 2 /    / 3 /    / 4 /    / 5 /    / 6 /    / 7 /    / 8 /    / 9 /


Here’s how looks so far:

Not too bad. My sofa is faux leather, and my rug is Southwest rather than Moroccan. The coffee table legs are a little different, but close enough. Target had one closer in design to the inspiration table, but the legs were MIRRORED, which just wouldn’t fit in this room. All in all, I think I did okay.

Next up: textiles

 / 1 /    / 2 /    / 3 /    / 4 /    / 5 /    / 6 /    / 7 /    / 8 /    / 9 /

See how these items bring the look along?

Not bad, don’t you agree? The two throws I found will make the room look more like the inspiration room when they’re unfolded and draped over the sofa, which I couldn’t really emulate here. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t find a Mexican serape-type weave, but I think the “Troy” throw will work out, especially when it’s layered over with the patterned pillows.

I’m sure the wall hanging isn’t anywhere nearly as beautiful as the ones this homeowner makes, but it at least goes with our room.

All that’s left now are finishing touches

/ 1 /   / 2 /   / 3 /   / 4 /   / 5 /   / 6 /   / 7 /   / 8 /   / 9 /   / 10 /   / 11 /   / 12 /   / 13  /   / 14 /   / 15 /


A tchotchke here, a tchotchke there, and we’re done!

Honestly, when it comes to table/shelf décor, Target has soooooo much that it’s downright painful to choose. Since I knew I’d never find triangle artwork, even at Target, I opted for the honeycomb shelves that suggested the shape of the art. The shelves could be styled with small photos, paintings or prints on stands.

I chose artisanal pottery for that handmade look, natural objects like the geode and biosphere—who knew Target carried stuff like that!!—and natural materials like wood, leather and rope. Target makes it easy to shop home decor by collection, and I pulled many items from the Mineral Springs, Industrial, Mudhut/Global, and Artisanal shops. Many of the items were also on sale.

Now all we need is a funky boho family to make this place look as lived in and as loved as the inspiration room. And if they were willing to take on the DIY branch chandelier, I’d say it was a match made in nirvana.

Take one last look at where we began

David Tsay

Does my version pass muster? Tell me what you think in the comments.


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