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My usual dreary snail mailbox of grocery flyers, credit card offers and catalogs took a new turn recently. In addition to the ubiquitous and mundane Brylane family of lookbooks I pitch without reading, I’ve started getting high-end designer catalogs that demand a look-see based on thicker paper, richer inks, and drop-dead gorgeous photographs.

We’re not talking Anthropologie or Restoration Hardware; those catalogs have been coming for years. No, this fall I found a Jonathan Adler catalog in my mailbox, plus a few others with cool stuff and high prices. I’m attributing the shift to subscribing to Architectural Digest last spring, but who knows?

So the trees who gave their lives to produce the paper these catalogs are printed on didn’t die in vain, I’m starting a feature about this new mail order stuff I can’t afford but love to look at. Whether you can afford it or not, I thought you’d enjoy spending a lazy weekend looking along with me. We’ll kick it off this Saturday with my picks from Jonathan Adler’s fall 2016 lookbook.

Off to Antibes @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

This stunner of a cabinet is an addition to Adler’s Antibes collection and sells for $2,750. All pieces are based on the design of a bowtie. (See little ties in the carpet?) I love the nailhead trim and the sleek silhouette, don’t you? It looks so Mad Men to me. @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

I love, love, LOVE the entire Antibes collection. Did I say I love it? I love it so much I had to show you the rib-like Antibes Lounge Chair, even though it’s not new. It sells for $2,950, with a matching ottoman available for $995 and reminds me of cave men furniture from the Flintstones. Remember the Flintstones? Bam, bam, bam-bam-bam!

Strolling the Trocadero @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

New to Adler’s Trocadero collection is this console and cabinet. Items in the collection are made of laminated and lacquered goatskin and ebonized wood. The pair can be used together, as shown, or separately, and are priced at $1,795 and $3,200, respectively ($4,995 for the pair).

This collection has a glamorous Art Deco vibe to me, a la 1930s.

Speaking of glam… @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

Check out this Lucite and brass chandelier, an addition to the Jacques collection, which sells for $2,495. @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

There’s even a Lucite pet bed and feeder set for the posh-pet set addicted to Lucite decor. I’m trying to imagine paying $995 and $600, respectively, for these only to see them gunked up with slobber and hard-water spots.

While we’re on the subject of addiction, how about an overdose of Adler style? @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor. That said, my threshold of tolerance for anything drug-related is abysmally low. Maybe it comes from having a daughter who is a recovering addict. When you’ve lived the nightmare, you can hardly make light of it.

To show that sometimes taste can go so high it tanks, I’ve included Adler’s new Lucite Pill art objects. I can only conclude most run-of-the-mill drug addicts would rather spend their money on the real thing than pay $98, $168 and $248 for sizes small, medium or large pills in their various colors. So I’m predicting we’ll see these babies only in the homes of rock stars and other celebrities too rich for their own good. @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

Ditto for the slightly more affordable ($148-$198), but just as tasteless, brass miniature pillboxes.

And then there are these… @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

…The needlepoint Lips pillows, selling for $168 each. I’m okay with “Hush,” but I say BLECH! to “Full Dose” and “Smolder.” Now back to things I like.

Put a tiger in your tank… @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

…Or on your dresser. I might put this one on my Christmas list, and then if Santa brings it, on my desk or a bookshelf. I CAN afford it, but I doubt I’d spend $68 for a trinket tray, cute cats aside. This whimsical wildcat does indeed look spectacular, though, against the emerald green background and 24-karat gold trim. @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

Alas, the Tiger addition to Adler’s Glass Menagerie collection already sold out online at $148… @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

…But this cute lion is still available at $128.

Body parts pottery & serveware for Halloween? @bohosusan
Jonathan Adler

The Eve Candelabra ($398) and the I-Scream Matchstrike (with tulips, $42) are what’s new in this vignette, but the website shows more body parts than a pathologist, and they’re anything but creepy. @bohosusan

And while you’re looking around, don’t miss the Muse collection, of which only a few are shown. Items start at $48 for salt-and-pepper shakers (second from right) and run up to $895 for a lamp.

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