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Blu Dot catalog is the latest new-to-me lookbook to show up in my snail mailbox, and there’s a fall sale going on through Sunday, Oct. 30. I’ve listed original prices, but EVERYTHING is 20-percent off through this weekend.

Blu Dot is a Minneapolis-based company started by two college pals who couldn’t find modern-design furniture for their first homes. “The things we could afford we didn’t like, and the things we liked we couldn’t afford,” says the Our Story page on their website. So the two architects found a sculptor to join them and launched a design studio.

In addition to the website, there are now Blu Dot brick-and-mortar stores in major U. S. markets—New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin—as well as Sydney, Australia, and Monterrey and Mexico City, Mexico. The home base Minneapolis store is an outlet (lucky Minneapolis!!).

The Blu Dot motto is “We design it. We stand behind it. And we hope you dig it.” And dig it I do, very much. Blu Dot has some unique pieces at competitive prices. And unlike the Jonathan Adler collection I featured last Saturday, no creepy drug and body parts accessories.

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at my Blu Dot picks…

To everything turn, turn, turn @bohosusan
Blu Dot

My absolute, top-of-the-line, hands-down favorite in the Blu Dot lineup is the Turn collection of tables, which mimic lathe-turned spindles and columns. Each is made from solid acacia wood—no veneers or engineered-wood products. @bohosusan
Blu Dot

Left to right are the stool ($399), the low side-table ($299), the high side-table ($399), and the coffee table ($679). The Turn stool comes with a thick-cut felt top in your choice of five colors. Tops are also sold separately, in case you like a change every now and then. @bohosusan
Blu Dot

I love how the beauty of the wood shines through in these pieces. That and their sculptural quality make them easy to mix with a variety of design styles.

Join the ottoman empire @bohosusan
Blu Dot

Blu Dot’s fun modular ottoman collection allows for use singly as a traditional footstool or en masse for an abstract seating solution. @bohosusan
Blu Dot

Hecks ($229) are hexagonal, of course, and measure 23-by-17 inches. Convert yours to a table by adding a powder-coated steel tray in black or white for $69 more. @bohosusan
Blu Dot

Bumpers come in two sizes of round—26 inches ($299) and 17 inches ($179) in diameter. A tray option is also available for the small Bumper. @bohosusan
Blu Dot

The squares are called Otto (17-inches square, $179) and Quotto (34-inches square, $399).

All the ottomans come upholstered in Thurmond felt, a 60/40 blend of wool and rayon, and an array of happy colors. To add to their versatility, all are 17 inches high, except the larger Bumper, which is 15 inches.

Take a magic carpet ride @bohosusan
Blu Dot

Use the gorgeous Charlie rug ($499) underfoot or… @bohosusan
Blu Dot

…to deck the walls. It’s the perfect size for hanging—6-by-9 feet—and is a 56/44 blend of dhurrie wool and cotton.

Hope you like these real good 

When you recovered from what you thought was my grammar faux pas in the headline, you probably noticed the copper Real Good dining chairs in the previous picture. You’ll be tickled to know there are counter- and bar-stool versions of this angular beauty as well. @bohosusan
Blu Dot

Copper plate over steel runs $299 for the chair and $399 for either height of stool, while powder-coated versions are priced at $249, regardless of height.

I love the angles on these, don’t you? The seats remind me of perforations, and they are in a way. The chairs ship flat, and you fold along the dotted lines to assemble. Former study-hall paper-airplane makers can now use their craft in the service of modern design!

R2D2? No, 2D:3D! @bohosusan
Blu Dot

Like the Real Good chairs, 2D:3D bowls ship flat and you fold them into their angular shape. Though part of the 2D:3D office collection, they’re waaaay too cool to stay at work. In three sizes and colors, you’ll be slipping these into the ol’ briefcase and bringing them on home to mama. @bohosusan
Blu Dot

Small and medium bowls (with higher sides) are $129 for copper and $69 for black, white or space blue, while the large bowl is $149 for copper and $89 for the other colors. They make a great wall-art installation as well, don’t you think? A wall installation sure to work in ANY room of your home. @bohosusan
Blu Dot

But if you’re hung up on the office thang, the 2D:3D collection includes (clockwise from upper-left) an in/out box ($69), a letter holder ($39), a coat rack, and a wall-mounted magazine rack (both $119). All four are available in white, red and gray.

Lighten up!

My favorite of all the Blu Dot lighting designs is the Punk table lamp… @bohosusan
Blu Dot

It’s to-die-for in all three colors. Again, copper is pricier at $349, while white or charcoal can be yours for $269. Each one wears a solid walnut cap that functions as a switch. Punk me any day with one of these, please! @bohosusan
Blu Dot

The Trace pendants are classy times three. Each sports a different-shaped glass globe over a metal shade. Trace 2 and 3 (left and center) sell for $199, while Trace 4, which is slightly larger, is $299. Each shape is available in charcoal, white or copper, and this time around, there’s no upcharge for copper.

I can picture these hung in a mixed-shape group over my dining table. But wait a minute…Where’s Trace 1? Gone without a trace. But you might want to search around the perimeter for it… @bohosusan
Blu Dot

…The Perimeter floor lamp, that is. It’s uber-classy in the black-base with black shade version shown here, but it also comes in a white base with either a white or gray shade. All are priced at $499.

I’m thinking this could possibly double as a time-out cage for my kitty-cat! What say you?

And who says you can’t nail down the value of Pi? @bohosusan
Blu Dot

The Pi collection of cocktail tables gives you absolute value, once and for all. There’s a small and large side table ($299 and $349), as well as a coffee table ($599). Pictured is the black powder-coated steel version with solid walnut legs, but each size of table also comes in white with white ash legs. So striking!

If you want more (which, of course, you do)…

  • There’s lots more to see at, PLUS a 20% off sale through Oct. 30!! Every bit of merchandise is marked down until then, both in-store and on-line, including outlet items—no promo code needed. Enjoy!
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