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The humble task light (a.k.a. “desk lamp”) used to be the cheapest choice on the home lighting shelf and a favorite of late-night boho studiers. But those dollar days are no more.

The popularity of minimal and industrial home design has given us more choices in task lighting than ever before, but it’s now a choice with a higher price tag.

So what’s a boho gal on a budget to do?

Shopping at tag sales and next-to-new shops is always smart, since many task-light styles have been around since the 1950s.

But if you don’t have the time or inclination to shop secondhand, there are also some trendy choices with down-to-earth pricing, brand-spanking-new, at several familiar retailers.

For most, you can either order online or check them out first at a bricks-and-mortar store.

Under $50…

| 1. Threshold Wood Task Lamp, Black | 2. Threshold Hudson Industrial Table Lamp, Ebony | 3. Limelights Adjustable Blue Desk Lamp with Metal Shade |

Under $40…

| 4. Alsy Bronze LED Studio Headlamp | 5. Threshold Crosby Schoolhouse Desk Lamp, Ebony and White | 6. Simple Designs White Porcelain Flower Desk Lamp, Brushed Nickel |

 Under $30…

| 7. Pillowfort Desk Lamp in Green, Mint, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow | Better Homes and Gardens Orb Hinged Metal Task Light, Oil-Rubbed Bronze | 9. Better Homes and Gardens Traditional Task Lamp, Bronze | 10. Room Essentials Gold-Plated Elevated Task Light | 11. Threshold Task Lamp with Cylinder Shade, Brass and Silver | 12. Your Zone Adjustable LED Desk Lamp | 13. Allen + Roth Embleton Adjustable Desk Lamp with Metal Shade, Brushed Nickel and Bronze | 14. Gray Metal and Wood Pole Adjustable Scholar Desk Lamp |

Under $20…

| 15. Mainstays Halogen Desk Lamp, Brushed Steel | 16. Get It Together Adjustable Task Lamp, Rich Black | 17. Essential Home Gooseneck Desk Lamp, Silver | 18. LED Gooseneck Desk Lamp, Blue, Black and White | 19. Style Selections Adjustable Stainless Steel LED Desk Lamp with Metal Shade |

Under $10…

| 20. Mainstays Gooseneck Desk Lamp with Brushed Steel Accents, Lime, Blue and Magenta | 21. Black Gooseneck Desk Lamp |
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