San Francisco Designer Experiments with Boho Décor in Own Home

I have to say, I was hooked as soon as I spied the boho pompons in interior designer Alison Damonte’s San Francisco home. She calls it her “design lab,” but all I see is color, pattern and quirky décor having a riotous romp together.

So take a look around already, why dontcha, and let me know in the comments what you think… @bohosusan

That’s my kind of painting: display shelves that come pre-styled! @bohosusan
Bruce Damonte

And then there are the actual shelves, styled just as perfectly as their one-dimensional cousin. @bohosusan
Bruce Damonte

Pompoms make a great room divider, don’t you think. Check out the tutorial at the end of last Friday’s Weekend Edit post to make your own. @bohosusan
Bruce Damonte

Notice also the unusual positioning of a mirror below the pass-through to the kitchen. It tricks the eye and makes the room seem at once larger. @bohosusan
Bruce Damonte

Bold black-and-white stripes march you down a hallway lined with funky art… @bohosusan
Bruce Damonte

…and quirky coat hooks! @bohosusan
Bruce Damonte

Final destination: A serene spot to unwind. @bohosusan
Bruce Damonte

I love the black-and-white art here. It’s almost as if the hallway stripes tired of running the straight and narrow and lapsed into scribble mode, sort of how we all feel at the end of long, hard day.

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