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Starting with this post, the weekly link roundup formerly published as Friday {postscript} will become, simply, Friday Read. Trend posts will appear under the heading On Fleek and on design-crush posts under the heading Yaaas! I hope to feature one or the other each week, and on a good week I might log both, but don’t hold me to it.

Yes, I’m trying to tap into current slang a bit (us old boho gals need to learn new tricks). I’m also looking to include a broader selection of social media finds—Instagram, Tumblr, Imgur, etc., and maybe a peek into my own personal excesses. We’ll see about that last one.

Now onto the fun stuff!

The week’s best home tours

You’re gonna make it after all:
The Mary Tyler Moore Show apartment, then and now

What single girl coming-of-age in the 1970s didn’t want this apartment, Mary Richards’ job/life and Rhoda Morgenstern for a BFF? I was clearly a fan (my bestie often called me Rhoda), though I admit to some disappointment when Mary changed apartments. Her Victorian garret was my ideal of everything there was to want in MVOA—my very own apartment—and I had a few that came close.

The actual house at 2104 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis, MN, used for filming show exteriors was at the time divided into apartments as in the show, but the top floor was an unfinished attic with a somewhat less grand ceiling and windows. Still, set designers captured the flavor of the real thing and the photo at right shows how the space looks since a recent renovation added a guest suite.

The entire house, built circa 1900, boasts 9,500 square feet on 0.35 acres. It includes seven bedrooms, nine baths, a killer gourmet kitchen addition, incredible woodwork, and gorgeous landscaping. In seven words: lots to like and nothing to dis.

The house last changed hands in 2007 for $2.8 million, but if you think you can brave the Minneapolis winters, it’s for sale again. Asking price: $1.995 million, recently reduced from $2.895 million. A steal!!

Must-see links:

Lana Kenney

Pharmacist-turned-ceramist-and-painter Karen Yssel lives in this spectacular 6,500-square-foot home with her husband and two children in the Cape Town suburb of Oranjezicht (Orange Farm). That’s a clue to the bucolic atmosphere and tremendous views that sweep across the big city to its harbor and the sea beyond.

On the outside, the house honors the beautiful homes of Belgium and France, while on the inside it swings toward Manhattan industrial loft. Karen and hubby designed it themselves as a new-build and have lived here five years.

What’s even more incredible (to me, anyway) is that Karen decorated it completely herself. It has such a functional, lived-in ease to it, yet scores off the charts on artsy fun and sophistication. These two photos were my favorite, but you need to take the tour of the entire house, which goes the extra mile by listing sources for all the cool fittings, as well as paint colors and such, and a floorplan. You’ll find it on Apartment Therapy.

Karen’s must-tell decorating advice: “Don’t worry about what is trendy at the moment. Rather, buy what you love. If you love everything you put into your house, it will have your signature and will make you happy.” I’m happy just looking at what makes Karen happy.

Grow up already, but let go of my LEGOS

  • How to Make Your Apartment Look Like an Adult Lives There, with links to DIYs and other on-the-cheap fixes for any of the seven tips you need help with. My own daughter could use some work on the art thang and cleaning, though she’s made great strides the last few years. (Sorry to out you, Erin, but you know how I hate clutter.)
  • 10 Signs You’re a Grown-up in the Kitchen, with links to more related Apartment articles. Erin scores 9/10 on this one, but needs work on putting stuff away (surprise!), though again, she’s made enormous progress. (Love you, honey.) I should mention Erin does much better than I on caring for herself by making nutritious meals. What did this girl ask for at Christmas but a BIGGER crockpot? All to help her make all her lunches and dinners for the week on a Sunday afternoon! I GET nutritious meals, but only because her dad cooks them and calls me to the table.

If you loved Instagram Husband, don’t miss…

  • No link, but can you tell the difference between the two by sight alone?
  • Night Liquid Retro Ltd.—Pretty much anything retro-vintage and gadgety. I’m dreaming about a gallery of colorful 1970s/80s era phones for my breakfast room wall. Seriously.

Speaking of the 80s…

These surviving 80s Interiors so Bad They’re Good (or Maybe Just Bad), caught my eye, possibly because aspects of my condo might qualify to be featured. These were my faves on both ends of the spectrum:

I could live here…


And not so much…

Anyone who knows my experience with our 80s pink condo will understand why I say not only NO! but HELL NO!! to these two bathrooms.

Make sure you click on the link(s) and see all. Then tell me in the comments which ones make you swoon and which ones make you, well, gag.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em—the cats, of course


Did I do that?

An Expert Explains Why Cats are Always Knocking Over Your Stuff but not how the expert figured it out. (Did the cats give it up?) Still, ya gotta see the embedded video of cat-knocking craziness. And just look at old Orangey there, whose body language is rife with impudence.

One tidbit I picked up from this article: Deaf cats are more likely to engage in this behavior, so cut your babies some slack and remember (if your cat is NOT deaf, of course), it could be worse.

Popcorn, a movie and a little lap dance

If you live in or plan to visit the Big Apple, today marks the start of cat café Koneko’s cat film series. The 1961 classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring that irrepressible Orangey (who’d ya think I’d say?), kicks off the weekly event. That’s one cat who gets around!

Follow the link to make reservations and see the spring lineup of films. $30 per person includes the movie, beverage of choice (beer, coffee, tea), popcorn (natch!) and a cat in your lap (though no one can guarantee how long it will stay there). Some age restrictions apply.

File under the heading of Because It’s Good for You

Finally food comes with instructions

Read 7 Reasons to Give Blue Apron a Try Today on The Kitchn and click through on the provided link to receive two additional meals free when you subscribe. Don’t forget to check first to see if Blue Apron delivers in your area.

And last but not least, another cute video from retailer West Elm

You can find the warm and fuzzy one I ran here. This one is about making a meditation exercise out of making your bed. I haven’t had the energy to make mine lately (I sense my mother shifting restlessly in the grave), so maybe I’ll suck up the oxygen to try this after I get in my morning breathing treatment.

Stay well (while I continue trying to get well) and have a fun weekend!

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