New feature, more renos + GIVEAWAY!

My first spring 2016 post on Monday will launch a new, recurring feature I’m calling “Everyday Artist,” and BoHo Home’s very first GIVEAWAY. 

The first artist I’ll profile is a ceramicist who channels her love of dance and flowers into intricate and whimsical clay vessels.

She’s also an old school chum—my eighth grade science lab partner, to be precise, and I can’t wait for you to meet her (virtually, of course) and see her incredible art, a sample of which some lucky reader will win in a blind drawing.

If you caught my post last Monday, Planning My Master Bedroom Refresh, stay tuned for an update. I’m assembling my new bedding this weekend and will share photos next week. Other household projects coming up include reupholstery of our dining chairs (not by ME, that’s for sure!), which the Queen of All She Surveys, Maisie-Cat, kindly shredded for us, and a partial master bath reno (new shower, not the pink one, unfortunately).

You’ll have front row seats on both. For now, it’s Friday (finally!!), and I owe you some links for weekend reading…

Strike the Right Balance: Having Just Enough ‘Good Clutter,’ Apartment Therapy

From Beautifully Small by Sara Emslie

I personally never thought about any clutter being “good,” but I may have to reconsider. For any of you out there drowning in clutter, at least this article will provide you with an excuse for some of it.

An Art Crawl Through the Fall 2016 Collections, Vogue


I’ve written before about how fashion influences interior design and vice versa. But this article takes a look at the tie between art—both past and present—and fall 2016 fashion collections debuted at various fashion weeks around the world.

Speaking of fashion: The Top 12 Runway Trends of Fall 2016, Vogue


If you make it past the puffer coats, this romps runs the gamut from weird to wow. BTW, can anyone tell me what this jacket-spread-open-at-the-neck thing is all about? It was all over the runways this time, and most of the time it only showed bare neck rather than a cool sweater or dress. It looked dumb to me. I mean, you wear a coat to keep warm, right? So why wear it half off? .

Barbie, Life of an Icon, at the Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris

Speaking of fashion week, Barbie had her very own exhibit in conjunction with Paris Fashion Week at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Or should I say, Le Arts Decoratif? Either way, the exhibit was the first of its kind and runs through Sept. 18. I wonder if it’s interactive? (Meaning, If I go, can I play?) Follow the headline link to learn more about the exhibit, and find museum hours, fees and location information HERE. I must say, Barbie doesn’t look a day over 56. ;->

DIY Basement Makeovers That Will Make You Want to Work on Yours Right NOW, Apartment Therapy

This link isn’t for me, since I’d have to dig the hole first. I haven’t had a basement since I was 12, thanks to the high water table in Indiana. Anyone I know around here who does have a basement also has water in it from time to time. I’ve also never been much for cave life. I stayed once in a guest suite at my brother’s house that was in the basement, and I felt like I was in a prison. DARK. Anyway, here are some ideas for those of you who have one and want to spiff it up. Good luck and beware of mold!!

A New Floral Aesthetic: Lunaflorus Photographic Prints, We Are Scout

This collaboration between floral designer Victoria Alcorn and photographer Jared Worthington will change how you look at flowers. Follow the headline link to read more about the collection and see some samples. See the full line and purchase at Saatchi Art.

Where are the World’s Happiest Countries?, CNN

Something tells me you’re going to be surprised at the top spots. The United States came in lucky 13, but that will surely drop if Donald Trump gets elected. The happiness study is a project of the United Nations, and the story covers not only the rankings but how happiness is measured.

For my craftier readers, a quartet of projects…

1. 15 DIY Bedroom Upgrades for Under $25, Apartment Therapy

2. DIY Your Way to This Stunning Paper Peony Bouquet, Popsugar


3. DIY Framed Agate Art, Dans Le Lakehouse (from coasters, no less!)

4. DIY Mudcloth Pillows Using a Paint Swatch, City Farmhouse

Image of the week: Eagle captures drone

Koen Van Weel/Getty Images

An eagle that flies for the Guard From Above unit of the Netherlands police grasps a drone during a an exercise in Katwijk, Netherlands. I’m freaking out over how the drone seems to have a face and be clenching its teeth, as if to say, “Curses! Foiled again!” Does it seem odd to anyone but me that we create robotic flying machines but need regular birds to reel them in? Surely the U.S. anti-missile program is a tad more sophisticated and eagle-friendly.

So last weekend it was ‘spring forward’ to daylight savings time…

 I’m still having issues with that one, but this weekend it’s just plain SPRING. Starting Sunday. I. Am. Elated. Can you tell?

See you in the spring then!

XO, Susan


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