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Oodles of poodles

So these poodles must be the losers at the French groomers’ convention, right? I’m groovin’ on those barrettes, though. I think I had ones like them when I was a little squirt, and I’ve been looking around for something to clamp down my cowlick.

My hair issues aside, get the full scoop from Design Love Fest on this most Parisian of breeds who, it turns out, isn’t French at all.

 Panda, peacock, fox or horse?

You’ve heard of a spirit animal, but how about a decorating patronus? Take the quiz to find out which animal defines your style. Eight questions, track how many times you choose A, B, C or D to find out “your” animal. Each comes with a description and link to a style guide.

Heads up on question #3: It asks you which TOUR you most identify with, so follow the links and see each home rather than making your decision based on one photo.

BTW, I am a peacock. Do you think that fits me? Sometimes I do and sometimes not. Share your results and whether you agree in the comments.

How much to live inside a Christmas movie?

Still dreaming about that cute little Cape Cod from Miracle on 34th Street? Turns out it’s not so little and it’s in the Chicago ‘burbs, not the Big Apple. Find out how much you need to save to make it yours, along with the value of five other homes from some of our fave Christmas movies.

Map out your design style

I live about halfway between Chicago, IL, and Columbus, OH, which appears to be in a design/décor vacuum. Do damask and plaid mix? If I lived somewhere more chic, I’d know. Never thought I’d be interested in moving to Texas, but I’m liking that geometric/paisley vibe.

Data is based on print sales at Spoonflower. Follow the link for the full dose.

Where you live also impacts your chances of getting asked over

Well, that’s not exactly how D&B worded it, but you get my drift: If no one’s playing host where you live, no one’s getting asked over either. Again, I seem to be on the western fringe of the eastern vacuum.

Follow the link for the full story, plus popular décor purchases by state, where I lose out once more. Someone show me the middle road between bar carts in Illinois and mule mugs in Ohio, please!

Time to get those hands craftin’!


Gather your cookie cutters, a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a bag of birdseed, and have some fun. I may try these myself and hang them from my squirrel corn feeder. Love them birdies!!

How did I miss this one for my Have a snowy birch bark holiday with me post on Monday? The hardest part will be cutting out those bark squares. Maybe you can buy them pre-cut? Be sure to check out my Birch Bark shop for crafting supplies. If you don’t see what you need, use the Amazon search window.
These sell for mega-bucks whether they’re made from vintage ornaments or new, mercury glass or plastic. This giant one uses swim noodles for the base (who’da thunk?) and looks surprisingly easy. A great way to give your space a rich look and/or give pride of place to ornaments you saved from childhood.

Or five plus this cool paper one made from old book pages. A great gift for booklovers and a wreath that could work year-round with a change of accessories. Follow my link for photos, then look at the source links beneath each one for tutorials.

Since one of the ideas is to “make it messy,” some of us will always be on-trend. Follow the link for the full list and some darn cute suggestions, including this Nordic-boho tree.

Happy Black Friday to all!
Here’s one of my favorite chanteuses to kick off your holiday shopping orgy


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