Friday READ: Loose Ends Worth Tying Up

No DENYin’ it…

 DENY Designs has expanded its independent arty approach to home furnishings into the furniture category with fun dining tables, sideboards, side tables, desks, stacking cubbies and more. AND, there’s an exclusive launch on Joss & Main that ends Oct. 13, or when limited quantities run out.
My pick of the launch is the Iveta Abolina Boardwalk Sideboard shown below. Gorgeous, isn’t it? (Except for that cliche rug it’s sitting on, but that’s another story.)

If you’re not already a member of Joss & Main, clicking on the link will prompt you to join before being allowed to browse. Don’t worry, membership is free, and you’re under no obligation to buy anything ever. But you probably will eventually because the stock, which changes daily, is either so unique or such a great buy or both. And you can earn credits toward future purchases when friends you invite make purchases.

Ouch! It’s my “couch personality” showing

Lauren Smith’s inventive Elle Décor post, “What your couch says about you,” wrapped up my week with a chuckle and got me thinking about all kinds of creative ways to look at home décor. I love quirky design, tongue-in-cheek talk, and even a bit of trash talk now and again.

BTW, I’m a cross between the “fainting couch” and the “sectional.” None of her couches came close to my actual one, so I went with the descriptions. I do get bored easily (fainting couch) and I am busy and like my own space (sectional), but I don’t have kids at home anymore and I’m not particularly high maintenance. Guess I need a sectional with a chaise built in on one end. How about you?


For those fascinated by those fun sea urchin objets de art making the rounds in so many hot interiors (see my Sept. 3 post) but turned off by the exorbitant price (upwards of $40 EACH), it’s Target to the rescue!

Remember, I told you Target originally had a set of three in graduated sizes for $19.99. That’s still the on-line price, but on a recent visit to my local store, I saw them marked $14.99!

PROOF!! The website has also added a 6.4-inch diameter single-pack for $12.99. Both choices are black with gold highlights and can be hung on the wall or used as tabletop sculptures.

Crime-scene Halloween, anyone?

Is anyone planning a Halloween party with a CSI theme, as I mentioned in my Oct. 2 post? If so, I found a few more props for you. Trust me, they appeared when I was searching for something completely blood-and-gore-less (though that’s probably what a serial killer would say, too).

Bloody wall backdrop


Comes in a 4-by-30-foot roll.

Bloody Splash kitchen utensils


The chopping board (watch those fingers!) and spoon rest are sold separately on Amazon. It’s nifty that these two items do double duty. In addition to making party décor more realistic, they can help with food prep.

Not exactly on theme, but adaptable, don’t you think? It sure “grabbed” my attention.

Before you decide I’m just too ‘out there’ & click unfollow

Good for artists, good for anyone, especially this grammar nerd, who’s having a tough time recovering from the infinitive Burton split so thoughtlessly…

Until Monday, when it’s back to gorgeous rooms and grown-up fun,

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