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For those of you boho mamas who like to decorate for Halloween, this home raises the bar impossibly high but holds lots of ideas for inspiration in making your house the best on its block.

Christine McConnell
Artist/photographer/baker Christine McConnell leans toward the macabre in her work, particularly around All Hallow’s Eve. This year she gave her parent’s house a monster makeover by painting ghoulish facial features on foam-core boards. See more process photos on PopSugar and some night-time, lighted shots on ImgurIt’s the weekend BEFORE already, so what are you waiting for? Get those houses haunted, and post the results (indoors or out) in the comments section here.

Have you mapped out your costume yet?


Here’s the costume you’ll see most this year where you live. If your kids (or you, you kid-at-heart, you) are sensitive about someone outfitted the same at neighborhood gatherings, check the map to see what costume to avoid. Looks like it’s Disney princesses where I live, so I’ll be safe with my usual cat theme. Explore the full infographic with key here.

10 video makeup tutorials to look your scary best

Zoe Newlove
I’m at my scary best when I first get up, and I try NOT to let anyone see me.

Anyway, thank the Bloglovin’ blog folks for rounding up these 10 tutorials from member posts and listing the handy links all on one page. It’s exactly what they do every day with the blogs you choose to follow. (Follow MY blog with Bloglovin here.)

Each video tutorial is about five minutes and details supplies needed as well as technique.

Get instructions for:

  1. Half-skull glam (shown)
  2. Trippy four eyes
  3. Tokyo Ghoul Rize
  4. Sexy vampire
  5. Joker
  6. Attack on Titan Annie
  7. Queen of the dead
  8. Stitched-up mouth
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora
  10. Creepy broken doll (Miriam, this one was MADE for you!)

Halloween for hands OR art for your walls

Guido Daniele

If you had something more than a scary face in mind for Halloween, use these photos by Italian artist Guido Daniele as your inspiration. Negotiate a you-do-me-&-l’ll-do-you swap with someone you trust—or at least someone you know to have a steady hand. Just a few of Daniele’s creative designs are shown here. See the full collection on his website.

And if you fell hand over fist for yesterday’s post on the human hand form in home décor, consider investing in your favorite Daniele photos. The cheaper version: Remember to take photos of your own handiwork before you wash it off. Not as cool, but you can have it enlarged and save it to scare your grandkids.

Grocery-store DIY fall centerpieces

Nesting Place

I found “The Secret to a Charming Grocery Store Centerpiece” on Nesting Place, and I gotta tell you, I was hooked when I read, “Don’t be afraid to let it look messy.” CAN-DO!!

The half-dozen or so examples shown are anything BUT messy, as far as I’m concerned. Relaxed maybe, in a summer meadow kind of way, but absolutely not messy.

Materials used include pumpkins and other gourds, cabbages, feathers, inexpensive grocery-store flowers, dried flowers, feathers and vines. But you could add artichokes, asparagus, fresh herbs, fruit, nuts, carrots and whatever you see with great color and form on your next grocery outing.

Give this one a whirl on your day-after Halloween pumpkins as practice for Thanksgiving. Your turkey-day guests will be wowed. I’m thinking…mini-pumpkin arrangements on each place?

Sounds like a plan for YOU because if I’m not invited to your place, I’m going out. ;->

Here’s your sign(s)…

Boutique Birichina

Wish I’d seen this photo in time for my Tuesday post on cozying up your home with faux fur. Not because of the fur accents but because I love the pun in the artwork hanging over the headboard; get it?

This would be a pretty easy DIY, I think—calligraphy, a decal or a transfer on a large sheet of beautiful textured paper. Frame it in one of those cheapo poster frames so if it actually DOES fall on your head at some point it won’t carry that much weight (hee-hee).

Apartment Therapy

Hard not to love the graffiti painted in the stairwell of this four-story Amsterdam home. With that many steps, you need some reading material between levels. My only alteration would be to replace ignore with break—something I have a mythic reputation for doing, but I’ve learned not to tip people off in advance.

See/read more about this home here.

Finally, a Paris view within my reach!

No, not THAT one.

This one…

Apartment Therapy

What a clever way to dress up a kitchen backsplash, as well as the perfect antidote to someone with a Paris fixation. (That would be me. Remember the virtual Paris vacation we took a couple months back?) When (if) you tire of the decal, simply peel it off and travel to another city.

See before and after photos of “Alexandria’s Paris Skyline Kitchen” here.

BoHo Home celebrates 12 weeks today!

Seems MUCH longer.

Can’t remember when I’ve been so busy OR so ecstatically engaged—just like a mom with a new baby.

Speaking of which, gotta get some shut-eye before my crazy infant muse starts to heckle me with ideas again.

Until Monday then,

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