Boho Blinks, Winks, Nods, Makes

> > > > BLINKS (Better take a second look)

Stefano Rellandini/Reuters
(Not boho, but brrrr-ho?) 
Design Boom
(The kite man cometh!) 
Philippe Huguen/Getty Images
4. Really ‘polished’ art, agneart on Instagram 
(Bet she was all lacquered up when she made this.) 
(“A cross between Bauhaus and Fisher-Price”) 
Dennis Zanone via Art News

> > > > > WINKS

  1. What Can Our Craziest Dreams Teach Us? The Atlantic (Not really jokey, but out there a bit.)
  2. Study Finds Where You Lost Your Train of Thought, NBC News. (If only they could now locate where to find it, right?)
  3. Pinterest Reinvents Itself to Prove It’s Really Worth Billions, Wired (A new release? So that’s why I’ve been having so many “Oops! Something went wrong on our end” errors.)
  4. Two Designers on What You Should Know About Real and Faux Fur, Vogue (So now I can’t have either?)
  5. Why I Absolutely Refuse to Buy Anything From IKEA, Popsugar (Oh, for a chance to reach this conclusion on my own!)

> > > > > NODS

  1. The Elephant in the Room, Desire to Inspire (Or the skeleton on the ceiling…)
  2. A Special Tent Camp in the Forest, Interior Junkie (alt mouse click on the text to translate, but the photos speak for themselves.)
  3. A Gorgeous Home Split by a Covered Garden Atrium, Home Designing (I could live HERE)
  4. Summer’s Creative Little Haven in Toronto, Apartment Therapy. (ADORE the miniature appliances on the kitchen counter!)
  5. 21 Things You Can Do With Lemons and Lemon Juice That Don’t Involve Food, Apartment Therapy (File under: Who knew?)

> > > > > MAKES

  1. DIY Paper Coral Charm Peony, Design Sponge (I still miss my peonies from the other house. Think they’d notice if I went and picked some?)
  2. DIY Paper Hydrangeas, Apartment Therapy (Tried to grow and failed. Think I can swing the paper ones?)
  3. How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies, Unsophisticook
  4. A Printable Adult Coloring Page for Artichoke Lovers, The Kitchn
  5. DIY a Woven Wall Hanging from a Bath Mat, Popsugar Home (Actually a bath RUG.)

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