Coral ‘Reef’ Brings Puerto Rico to DC @bohosusan

Every time I look around this downtown Washington, DC, condo, my bo-dar (that’s BOHO radar) bleeps fast and furious. Yes, we’re in the nation’s capital, but swaths of coral paint keep me thinking tropical isles, sandy beaches, sun and fun. @bohosusan
Laura Metzler photo

Given that the owners are from Puerto Rico and missed their homeland in this urban new-build, that’s no surprise. That’s why they engaged interior/event designer Kerra Michele, of Kerra Michele Interiors, who chased those blues away with the right color in all the right places.

And given that I live in come-fall-come-gray-’til-spring Indiana, it’s not a bad idea for perking up my own home environment (if I can sell Chris on it). I simply love how this color pulls all those open spaces together and draws you through them.

Let’s take a closer look… @bohosusan
Laura Metzler photo @bohosusan
Laura Metzler photo @bohosusan
Laura Metzler photo @bohosusan
Laura Metzler photo @bohosusan
Laura Metzler photo @bohosusan
Laura Metzler photo

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Interior and event designer Kerra Michele of Kerra Michele Interiors
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