Cool Rooms that Rain Cats & Dogs

World Animal Day was yesterday. I don’t post on Sundays so am using today’s post to show you seven ways to include the animals close to your heart in your home décor.

In a classy way, of course (because the Internet is already full of tacky ideas). And FUN (because that’s something you can never have too much of).

1. Let your pillows do the talking

Pillows make a simple but striking statement and are easy to change out when we tire of them (or our pets destroy them).

You might be able to find one that resembles your special furball. This brown tabby pillow looks like my Maisie, for instance.

Naked Decor
Or just celebrate with a stylized facsimile. I love how the pop of color in this cartoon cat intensifies the coral/pink in the room beyond.
Available from Ali Express
Sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is better. You get to be the judge when it’s your home. Feature your dog’s particular breed, or all the breeds you love.
Available from Ali Express
Don’t be afraid to make the grouping a little oddball. Chances are if you’ve read this far, you are too! This elegant French settee was crying out for something to bring it down to earth.

2. State your case outright

Available from Ali Express
There are pet pillows for readers.
Available from Studio 773 by Eastern Accents
As well as signs that do the barking for pillows gone mum.
Found on Moustaches0
Customize a special-use space with simple letters from a craft store.
Jones Bridge Animal Hospital

Or cook up something more complex. This has a great mid-century vibe going, don’t you think?

3. Go up against a wall

Found on Catsparella

If you like repetition, how about pet wallpaper in a powder room, foyer, hallway or accent wall? This one is Omega Cat by Sanderson. I love how the lamp in this vignette looks like a very curly kitty tail and reverses the wallpaper’s black-on-white color scheme.

Or possibly cat draperies, fabric available from Sanders.
Available from Best Wall Murals
To say it once and in a BIG way, try a mural. I love how this kitty’s white fur ties into the white furniture and carpet in this home office. And the purple seems to pick up on the shades of pink around her mouth, ears and nose. Sweet! I could work here. I bet it keeps the mice away!

4. A little decal will do too

Not ready for a big commitment? No problem. Just peruse the plethora of peel, stick, and easy-to-remove decals out there.

Go sweet and make your guests go aww.
Go humorous to make your guests smile.
Available from Best Murals
Or just leave the guests guessing. The ones you want to stay will think it’s cool, but it will push those who have overstayed their welcome out the door and into a hotel (especially if you plant a speaker under the bed that makes howling and scritch-scratch noises).

5. Build a room around mass-produced art

Found on House of Turquoise
Something tells me the primitive pooch art inspired this whole kitchen.
The pair of dogs in the print echoes the pair of chairs and brings levity to an otherwise seriously formal rooom.
Apartment Therapy
A collage of offbeat cat prints gives this room some kick. I like the black-and-white color scheme broken by the yellow chair and just one yellow print.

6. Move to 3 dimensions

This pair of whippet statues flank a fireplace and add a bow-wow touch to an oh-so-stately living room.
Found on Peque Ocio
Who wouldn’t love a sunny dachshund (as well as that cute furry elephant) watching over baby?
Available from Knit Wangling on Etsy
Cardboard and ceramic animal trophy heads are mega-popular, but I’d prefer this cool bird-sitting kitty, wouldn’t you? Or is it a cat-sitting bird? Either way, I love it.
Something tells me this homeowner love black labs, and her décor is better for it.
Found on Decor4All
And this homeowner has surely reflected on keeping kitty occupied while she works. The credenza has lots of room for kitty to pace, as well as places to stop and admire her whiskers.

7. Go custom

Frame Your Pet

You only have to look as far as the Internet or your vet’s office to find artists advertising custom pet portraits. Many will turn a favorite photo into a painting.

Frame Your Pet
Or take a favorite photo to a copy shop and have it super-sized. The pink flowers in this photo pop against this pooch, who puts some pugnacious pop into the entire pink living room.
Frame Your Pet

I love how this cat photo seems to leap off the dark wall. The intensity of his eyes gives us a window into his wild ancestry.

Frame Your Pet

Consider a photo cropped oddly or taken from an unusual angle.

Frame Your Pet

Or double up to tell a story.

Emily A. Clark

If you don’t want your dog or cat to get a big head over all the attention, perhaps a simple sketch would suit best.


Better Homes and Gardens

Or a silhouette—one for every special canine and feline you can count, custom snipped in black, matted and framed.

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