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I got this idea from another blogger and thought it sounded like a fun way to catch up with all of you. It’s kind of like a post I did a few months back, only more game-like and less philosophical, though this one, too, can be used as an opportunity for self-reflection.

If you try it yourself, write down as your answer the first thing that pops into your mind. I think it would be more fun to play this in person, perhaps as an icebreaker at a workshop of people who don’t know each other or at a get-together of family or friends who haven’t seen each other in a while.

Currently, I am… @bohosusan
BoHo Home

LOVING my “Mary Ann & Ginger” living room chairs. No, that’s not a new brand, though it’s a good branding idea. “Ginger & Mary Ann” are what my uber-creative pal, Rebecca, dubbed the chairs. See more of my recent living room update HERE.

“Ginger” is curvy and shout-out-loud magenta. “Mary Ann” is just as pretty but in a quiet way—aqua upholstery and exposed-wood arms. As a pair, they liven up the “uncharted desert isle” of my living room. They’re such an improvement over our ratty old bonded leather chairs that sometimes I wonder if I’ve found the wrong hut—er, uh, house.

BTW, has anyone seen my little buddy Gilligan? GILLIGAN!!! @bohosusan
BoHo Home

READING Patternity: A New Way of Seeing by Anna Murray & Grace Winteringham, subtitled The Inspirational Power of Pattern. I saw this book while looking for other home-décor books on pattern. It intrigued me, and so I asked for and received it at Christmas. It’s currently on my coffee table, along with those other pattern books I was looking for at the time I found it.

This book is part home décor, part fashion, part photography, part art, part philosophy. And the premise it puts forth is that noticing pattern connects you to your world, keeps you functioning “in the moment,” and fosters contentment and meaning.

It’s got me thinking about starting my own pattern journal. Maybe snapping photos with my phone would be easier, then I could pin to a Pinterest board and add notes, since I already have way too many partially filled, special-subject notebooks taking up space in my filing baskets. Better yet, I could run my pattern inspirations on BoHo Home! Stay tuned.

If you’d like to read this book, use the (affiliate) link to order: @bohosusan

WEARING smaller and smaller clothes! 1X and XL instead of 4X. That’s what losing 130 pounds does for a girl. I started seeing a dietitian at a local hospital’s weight-loss center about a year ago, then had bariatric surgery in mid-November. I lost about half the amount in the seven months prior to surgery and the other half in the five months since.

I have to shed 95 more pounds to reach my goal, but I’m now more than halfway there. And I never get tired of looking at the smaller numbers on those clothing labels or watching each successively smaller size become too big for me.

TRYING TO move more and do more for myself, instead of relying so much on Chris. The more weight I lose, the easier this becomes. I exercise five days a week now, with Saturday and Sunday off for good behavior. And today I added a short walk to my daily activity, during which I pledge to pay attention to and snap photos of—you guessed it!—patterns I see. @bohosusan
BoHo Home

WAITING FOR concrete to be torn out and re-poured on part of our new patio. Last fall we had the patio replaced, but one of the slabs poured doesn’t drain properly. We’re supposed to be first on the concrete company’s list when they start pouring in a week or so. I’m crossing my fingers because (see next item)…

EXCITED ABOUT outfitting my patio for summer once the concrete is set. I’m planning something a little different this year—more of a boho look, with kantha quilts and Moroccan lanterns—and I’m itching to get started. I also can’t wait to start gardening. I’m trying a new plant this year: potted bamboo along the high stone wall that the sun heats up every afternoon. I’ll also do my beloved caladiums, ornamental grasses and succulents. The whole process should be good for several blog posts, so stay tuned.

LISTENING TO the birds singing every morning at the feeder, every evening on the roof. It’s finch gossip at dawn and robin choruses at dusk. I can’t think of a sweeter sound. Makes me want my patio done yesterday. @bohosusan

ENJOYING the flowering trees in bloom. I used to be a fall girl, but the year I got married everything changed. The whole world around me seemed to be blooming with the love and excitement I felt inside. How had I lived 31 years and never noticed all the trees that flower in the spring? It was like they bloomed just for Chris and me.

A cold snap set in on our wedding day, May 6, but I remember looking out the window at the Benton House, where we were married, and seeing dogwood blossoms, so delicate against the gray sky. That’s my friends Matt and Debbie Kaufman above, singing at my wedding. You can see the dogwood through the window behind them.

Spring has been my favorite season ever since. I can’t look at a flowering tree without thinking of how much I still love that guy I married 28 years ago. And still to come this flowering-tree season is the dogwood. Yippee!

SHOPPING FOR clothes, right? Wrong. I can’t buy much at once because my size changes so fast. Right now I do need new towels and sheets, though, and quality at a decent price is almost impossible to come by. Last towels we bought came from Sam’s Club. The price was right, but after a few washings they weren’t plush anymore.

The brand before that was Royal Velvet, and I didn’t think they lasted as well as they should have. But I pulled one of the old hand towels out of the rag bag to clean with over the weekend, and it felt much better than the towels we’re using. Got any recommendations for me?

As for sheets, I like percale with a bit of polyester so they don’t wrinkle so much. I’d also like to buy separates rather than sets this time around and mix it up. Time to put on my crowd armor and make a run to Home Goods, I suppose. @bohosusan
BoHo Home

USING pencils instead of pens. I’ve been a pen gal most of my life, and I always judged a pen by how smoothly it skated across the page. But lately, something in me loves a sharp reliable #2 pencil, and that’s what I find myself reaching for. Is it the visually textured writing it produces, full of nuance and chiaroscuro? Or the scrape of the graphite against paper, the opposite of what I’ve selected my pens for? I love hearing them grind to a point in the electric sharpener too—a guilty pleasure my pens, alas, can never provide. Thankfully, it’s a cheap habit. IF I can hide them from Maisie, that is.


NEEDING a cleaning lady. Seriously. Ours of many years quit to help take care of her grandmother, who has Alzheimers. Her aunt cleaned for me for a while, but she recently quit to take on a full-time job.
Chris has the idea that we can handle the household on our own, but we’re a month in and that’s not working. Really not working. I was paying $50 (I know, ridiculously cheap) and now we’re looking at twice that for 1,400 square feet (two bedrooms and 2.5 baths).

But it’s really not working doing it on our own. HELP!! @bohosusan
BoHo Home

PLANNING new shelving for that dead corner in the living room. I’m thinking floating shelves to span both walls of the corner and alternate which side meets the corner so there’s an overlap rather than an intersection. Not only will this give that corner something to shout about, but I will have more space to display colorful, gorgeous pottery—one of my vices.

DOING way too much ebay buying. After using ebay only a few times through the years, lately I can’t get my nose out of there. I’m always thinking of one more item I want to look up and price. Problem is, I find waaaaaaaaay too many things I want. The postman carries a stack of packages to our door every day, and I’m running out of space to display. Better hurry up and get those shelves functioning!

SINGING whatever I know the words to playing on radio or TV. Last night it was a haunting arrangement of the theme from the movie Charade, used as the intro and closing credits for the mini-series Feud about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. @bohosusan
BoHo Home

WISHING cats traveled well, because I need a vacation—or at least several short getaways—and both Chris and I miss Maisie TERRIBLY when we’re away. We’re always wondering what she thinks about us not being there.

When I had two cats I was always lonely for them but didn’t worry as much because they had each other for company. With Maisie, we’ve always had a pet-sitter come in each day to feed her and play with her, but it takes most of the week for her to come out of hiding and socialize. Wish she could go along with us and have fun, too.

WORKING ON DIY projects for the blog. I found these inexpensive and cool midcentury-modern-shaped vases in white that I want to embellish. I’m still researching exactly what I want to try on them, but when I decide, y’all will be the first to know. There’s also a project or two in the works involving yarn. @bohosusan
BoHo Home

DREAMING OF a kitchen renovation. I want a corner banquette built into my dining area, a microwave shelf built into my upper cabinets, lots of deep drawers below, open shelving over the peninsula, sleek modern cabinet fronts (walnut or maple?) with large stainless pulls, and quartz countertops.

That’s not asking for too much, is it? The floor and the appliances can stay, but oh how I’d love to gut the rest. If I’m lucky, I’ll get it painted this year, but that’s probably all. @bohosusan
BoHo Home

WONDERING if you’ll think of other questions to add. Share them and any of your answers you like in the comments.

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