Blooming Dahlia Warms Up 2016 Pantone Palette #3

What do you get when you add Blooming Dahlia (a salmony kiss color) and Arctic (a stormy teal) to Pantone 2016 colors of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue?

Nothing short of sunrise in an English garden on a bluff overlooking the North Sea. All of which makes it the palette of choice to bring the brightness, warmth and promise of morning inside your home.

Three neutrals in shades of gray and brown help vary the looks achieved. See for yourself.

Bohemian rhapsody

Via Homedsgn

This room has a lot of color and pattern happening, but taken as a whole still seems restful to me. The patchwork, quilting, stripes and botanical fabrics give the room a garden feel, which the amorphous blooming design of the area rug supports. I think you’ll agree that it’s the Blooming Dahlia in the striped curtains and the suggestion of it in the ombre wall treatment that warm this room up. Coming from the windows and where the wall meets the ceiling, it’s as if it’s beaming the sun in.

Pinky-peach blusher

Jane Beiles Photography via House of Turquoise

More reliance on the neutral Frosted Almond in the walls and on the sofa make this room read a bit cooler than the first. But the painting and the pillows concentrate the Blooming Dahlia, as well as Rose Quartz, like blusher on a pale cheek.

I love the pop of the blue lamps, don’t you? Follow the link to see more spaces by New Jersey-based interior designer Diana Weinstein. 

Bridge of greige

Gray sofas look great with anything and everything, including the rose and dahlia used here. The painting provides cohesiveness, and the domed copper lamp emphasizes its orange-y shades.

I like the use of Walnut from this palette in the sofa. It’s a dark greige that could read brown or gray, depending on accessories and lighting. The other two neutrals are lighter, one definitely in the black family and the other in the brown, which gives this palette a lot of versatility.

Artful pattern play

Brooke Holm

All palette colors are present and accounted for here, but the overall emphasis is on the mix of neutrals, which lends a sophisticated Manhattan loft look. I love how the geometrics in the pillows pick up on the less defined shapes in the artwork by Kirra Jamison. It works because the palettes used in both are the same. See/read more about this Melbourne, Australia, home at The Design Files.

Kiss of sun

Via Freshome

The hint of Arctic in the fabrics used for the banquette and the throw pillow (right) add depth to this room of spring lipstick colors set against quiet neutrals. This room would burn bright and warm on even a dreary January day.

Foggy morning

John Gruen via Houzz

I love the Walnut and Blooming Dahlia print in the cushions and draperies, as well as the dusty blue door and window frames that match the sofa. If I could only take my morning coffee here and watch the sun sparkle on the lake as it burns away the fog!

Follow the links to see more photos of this Sherborn shingle-style cottage, as well as other spaces designed by Heide Hendricks.

Bathed in old world elegance

Andrew Montgomery

One of the opulent bathrooms from the Four Seasons Lion Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia, this decadent marble space features a hand-painted mural reminiscent of the frescoes from the House of the Golden Bracelet in Pompeii, Italy. Follow the links to see/read more. The blues assume center stage in the tiles and mural, while Rose and Dahlia come through more subtly in the birds and flowers.

I own a reproduction of the Pompeiian fresco this mural is based on, and it currently hangs in my office. This photo has inspired me to move it to my master bathroom when we renovate.
Follow the link to see all of Pantone’s 2016 palettes that use colors of the year Rose Quartz and Serenity, as well as to learn about the intelligence behind the choices. And follow my blog with Bloglovin.
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