BHG needs better decor quiz

The word “better” as a modifier leaves much to be desired. The same is true of the “What’s Your Decorating Style?” quiz on the Better Homes & Gardens website.

Still, it’s short, easy and fun. Who can resist answering a few questions and being given some new insight about yourself? Even if the insight is just a guess, and a bad one at that.

Basics first…

This quiz is only eight questions, with three photos to choose from for each. You’re asked to select preferences among flowers, shoes, color palette, favorite chair, vacation spot, dog breed, celebrity closet, and dream home.
Only three choices felt limiting to me. I don’t think I’m that run-of-the-mill. But the real problem is that the three selections the quiz-monger provided sucked more often than not. Mostly, what I’d actually choose wasn’t a choice.

Worst of the worst:

  • Dogs – Did the person creating this quiz not realize Americans own about 12 million more cats than dogs? Cats deserve to be on there as at least one alternative to lab, sheltie and poodle, but I’m thinking an array of cat breeds opposed to one mixed-breed pup might be more representative.
  • Celebrity’s closet – The choices were Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Sheryl Crow and Jennifer Anniston. Excuse me, but are the last two known for signature looks other than slouchy? The photos of them looked like they just rolled out of bed after a night of debauchery.
  • Shoes – Choices were flats, cowboy boots and a wedge. Where were flip-flops, tennis shoes and high heels? C’mon, now.

Best of the worst:

  • Vacation spot – Paris, mountains and beach covered it for me, though I had a tough time choosing.

On to results…

I took this quiz a number of times, making random choices, so I could evaluate it. I uncovered four categories of results, though there could be more (just got tired of this ho-hummer):
  • Cottage
  • Country
  • French Country
  • Polished Casual
When I answered true, I got “cottage” as my signature style, which is a far-piece from accurate. Here’s the “look” and its description…

The “laid back” part is true, but it stops there. No. This is so not me. Sweet and fresh, but not me. Lots of white makes me feel as if I’ll float away. I am color, Color, COLOR!!!

The result that seemed to fit me best was “polished casual.” See what you think…

I said close, but not a total match either. I do love to mix and match. I do have a clean-lined, neutral sofa, two dark leather chairs, and unfussy furnishings. I don’t like slouchy. But again, the photo seems a little ordinary. Especially the print on the ottoman and drapes, though it’s hard to tell in the size and quality of photos they give you.

Whatever result comes up, BHG provides a link to a “Style Guide” that downloads to your device when you click on it. Rather than a guide, it’s just an article from the magazine about a home that uses that style. You do get to see other, better quality photos, and read about the home’s design process through the eyes of the homeowner and/or interior designer, which may help you decide whether the results are accurate.

A word of caution: Before you click “results,” make sure you really want to receive the extra BHG “free” newsletters they offer. If not, uncheck the subscribe boxes.



  • Fast and easy
  • “Style Guide” article link


  • Not enough choices
  • Lame choices
  • Inaccurate results
  • Poor quality results photos
  • Requires email registration AND tries to sneak in spam
If I had my ‘druthers: Instead of the “Style Guide” link, why not a listing of several (all?) BHG articles that detail that look?

Take the quiz yourself here.

What did you think? Share your results (and opinions) in the comments.
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